Friday, April 12, 2013

Eight On Ten

So this week I was actually reminded ON the tenth that it was Ten on Ten.

Well, sorry folks, I got eight. I do my best. This is only my second time ever getting anything on the tenth, so I'm pretty happy I got this much. Why does it seem like the tenth always falls on a Wednesday? Wednesdays are hard, yo.

Here we go... linking up here.

Spring means iced mochas return to my life. Happy happy!
Because Chipotle should ALWAYS go on your to-do list.
Wednesdays mean Coke Zero' clock happens often.
Brad's new album? So good!
Too pretty to be inside- three laps around the building were perfect!
Jeremy talking to the team. And I mean ALL the team. Hard to tell, but there's about 60 people onstage.
Home for a happy snack...
... and this sweet baby that seemed to miss me bunches.

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