Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Miscellany (AKA The Monday Photo Dump)

This past weekend was a fun time of avoiding the yellow pollen haze that's descended. Seriously, we're putting yellow footprints all over the Triangle whenever we leave the apartment!

Poor yellow car!
Last Friday morning, I hung out with this cutie pie and her mama.

That Look!
Friday night, Hubby and I went on what we call a 'money date.'

I 'heart' coffee. (Get it?)
It's where we act like grown-ups by getting coffee at a local coffee shop, take over a table, spread out laptops, papers, and the checkbook. We look super official and serious going over bills and expenses and figuring out our savings plan (Snowball: The Next Generation) now that we're out of debt.

And then when that's done, we go home and crash and eat mini Reese's cups to console ourselves and read magazines.

They're too small to be bad for you, right?
While reading said magazines, I realize several of my friends could be at this very moment choking on 'flexible metal mesh' in their breakfast biscuits so I text them RIGHT AWAY so they don't die.

What the what?! Metal with your cookie?
Which turns out to be quite fortuitous as the text I receive back says Jermaine was in the middle of eating one and will now become a vegan. Which is hilarious in and of itself, if you know him at all.

Saturday morning we took the hairy furball for her biweekly vet visit. Can you say 'high-maintenance diva?' I can.

So these will be happening tonight.

Along with this. Ina and Ree together in my kitchen for dinner? I'm going to be oh so happy tonight! (Don't look at MFP for the past month or the one coming up. Just sayin'- you won't be getting ideas from me!)

I've heard many times that dish detergent can get out stains. Even pizza sauce on a brand-new tablecloth put there by a three-year-old. I admit, not my smartest moment to even let that happen, but testing that theory anyway.

More grown-up moments brought to you by my silliness. Apparently, it's NOT a brilliant idea to wash a hot/cold bag in the washer. Unless you want to spontaneously mop the floor and clean BEHIND the machines. You can't tell but Hubby's actually back there cleaning for me. He's the best. And sadly, the washer does NOT remove the fried-chicken-smell from the hot/cold bag anyway. So no point. Except to mop the floor, apparently.

Sunday was church as usual. Lots of media and running around. A little financial freedom tip in the bulletin. This is what we're working toward one day- a second first house. I can't wait until we own a house again! Can you say PinterTesting all up in there?!

Lunch with these crazies. So fun!

And Sunday night we went for a walk. For exactly 1.40 miles one way. Because at the end of that is the nearest Starbucks. I think I may have missed the purpose of this workout but oh was it worth it!

And, in case you missed it, the pollen is dive-bombing cars this week. I literally saw a video on facebook today where someone had actually formed a giant ball of pollen and hurled it at a friend's car. I know crazy people.

This week will be wonderful and amazing. It's warm and sunny out (but not yet NC summer temps), it's a light workweek for me, my coworkers are getting married, AND I'm off this weekend! Woohoo!

Hubby's birthday is next week so this weekend we're getting out of Dodge and heading west. Not as far west as I'd like (I'm talking to you, Cali friends.), but west enough to some R & R and some outlet mall shopping and good eats.

I. Can't. Wait!

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Jan said...

This has to be one of my favorite posts. I LOVED catching up on what's going on in your lives. You totally crack me up (you have a way with your writing that completely engages me). So fun to be kept in the loop. :)