Wednesday, April 10, 2013

PinterTesting Strawberry Edition

Last weekend I pinned a whole bunch of stuff on Pinterest- who am I kidding? I pin ALL THE THINGS all the time!

Anyway, what I should say is that last weekend I printed out several recipes I wanted to actually try- this being one of them (original link here). I'm so ready for summer and all the fresh produce that goes along with it. The strawberries are FINALLY looking good here AND they were on sale. I took it all as a sign and went for it.

The real issue with making this recipe is that you need a good solid three hours at home without needing your oven for any other purpose. For me, this is a hard thing to come by. So days passed until last night when I was finally able to rock this bad boy out.

The recipe itself isn't much to go on. Salt and pepper some halved strawberries and bake for three hours on 210 degrees. That's it. Well, there is a note that says they go really good with prawns (eeewwwww!!!) because of the seasoning. Well I wasn't doing that! So of course I decided I wanted them straight up, no seasoning.

I think this might have been where I went wrong. Of course, I didn't realize this until AFTER I'd 'dried' them out. I think I still could've done without the pepper, but I forgot that salting something pulls the moisture out of the food.

That would've been fabulous to remember before baking these since they came out pretty slimy and not very 'dried out.' I didn't feel like putting them back in the oven for another while, so I tried them and we tossed the rest. Hubby really didn't like them. I think I didn't need to halve most of the strawberries too since they were mostly pretty small already. Wondering if that would've helped too.

Overall, I'd like to try again with salt next time, but we were underwhelmed. The concept of making my own dried fruit for a healthy snack is very appealing. However, these did not live up to the pin's claims that they're 'better than Twizzlers!'


Chris said...

These should be called "Strawberry Boogers". They were gross and slimy.

Jan said...

Better than Twizzlers? Ok, I need to try these now. :)