Thursday, April 04, 2013

The Rest Of It

One of my favorite things of this time of year is that CC always takes off work for Good Friday and Easter Monday. Since I work Good Friday, we usually just get the morning together, but Easter Monday he's all mine. We veg out and relax and just enjoy being together after a busy time of year.

I got new running shoes while we were out running errands. These are that barefoot kind that supposedly you run in without socks. I tried it on the treadmill and wasn't feeling it, but we'll see. I DO like how lightweight they are. And look how cute they are!

Um... (Mysterious that there weren't holes poked in the box)

Cold and windy but gorgeous! I'm so ready for Spring!
My favorite. It's my mission in life to eat Mexican food at least once a day.


Double fail.
I love my brother dearly, but he is very much not a great communicator. Waking up to a wonderfully long email from him full of updates and fun was such a treat. AND, we talked on the phone last night for a while too! I'm a happy girl.

This guy.
So Laura got me wanting to finally try chicken and waffles. I know, together. I do NOT mix food. Ever. It really bothers the snot out of me. BUT, she promised it's amazing, so we went to the one place in town where you're supposed to go.

Um... I think we got a bad plate or something. The waffle wasn't sweet at all; in fact, it tasted onion-y. Which meant there was no counterbalance to the savory fried chicken. A little too bizarre. And I got all freaked out that my breakfast and lunch were co-mingling. Going again tonight for a girls' night out, so we may try again, but we'll see.

Something I do love... deconstructed guac! So good!

Finally starting to get more gorgeous Spring days than not. I'm happy!
Since it was so gorgeous, I challenged myself to a self-inflicted 5k. And I'm thrilled to say that I KILLED it! Woohoo!

Of course I rewarded myself... this mint dark chocolate bar is another new fave. Since Lindt's pulled their mint bars out of all the stores I know of, this is a great option to driving twenty minutes away to the mall to go to one store for a chocolate bar. Sorry, Lindt, you've been real. Peace out.

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