Tuesday, April 02, 2013

What Just Happened?!

This past week has been a BLUR. I'm not really sure what's been going on, except that we're gearing up for a very fun month. Hubby's birthday is this month, we're getting out of debt forever this month, we have a few days off and might do something extra fun (not sure what yet), but life is good, and we're blessed!

Blessed, but not sure what we've been up to. So I checked my camera roll on my phone to see what we've been up to.

Oh! It was Good Friday and Easter! No wonder it's been such a blur. This past weekend is what we describe as the "Super Bowl" of Christian holidays. Which means you are BUSY when you work at a church. Lots of coffee is necessary.

As is chocolate. Not just for important days, but for every day. Pretty much chocolate and coffee fuels our department, I'm not gonna lie.

Fun, fancy, and thought-provoking prints from Katy. I drool. And give her my money happily. Check out her etsy shop to get your own treats!

The stage backdrop looked gorgeous, as usual! This is not even close to how amazing it looked in person. The guys did a fabulous job.

Prepping for the Good Friday service
Once a month we have staff chapel, which is this amazing time of devotion, prayer, staff time, encouragement, and on and on. Oh and free lunch. That's one of my favorite parts! Each department is responsible for the agenda for their given month. This month's Chapel fell the day before Good Friday, and the Missions department was in charge. So we went bowling! Haha! It was wonderful to blow off some steam before the big weekend.

I was on a team (We were the Flying Pirate Ninja Dragon Monkeys!) with my good friends Jermaine and Raquel, Jamie, and Daniel. We were THE team to not worry about beating. We just wanted to have fun, which we did.

Jermaine's nuts.
Oh Jamie!
Or I should say, I had fun until my final scores of the two games were 44 and 31, respectively. And that second game would've been a 23 but Jamie bowled one round for me and got me eight points. Sigh. I'm REALLY awful at real bowling. Fake Wii bowling on the other hand, I excel at. Go figure.

22 for five rounds. Sigh. I think it's because they spelled my name wrong.
Stay tuned for what else happened this past week!

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