Thursday, May 30, 2013

Anniversary/Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Warning: BIG Photo Post!
11 years!
Last Saturday was our 11 year wedding anniversary, as you may have realized after the last blog post. We usually go somewhere and do a big vacation (or move, depending on the year), but this year we stayed a little closer to home. Or at home, I should say. We didn't take extra time off last week like normal, but instead are about to enjoy our second four-day weekend as a mini-vacation, of sorts. Woohoo! We didn't rest much last weekend so we're looking forward to a little R & R.

Thursday night we celebrated early with Mexican food and a little sangria.

I do heart Mexican food!

Our financial focus has been split into different directions for so long and especially now that we're out of debt. We finally are willing to put money towards these big $ needs we've had for a while, except that we need to save big-time too. What to do? Well we finally decided to just take care of the three big needs and once they're done, to save everything.

Our three big needs were: a new bed, a new couch and loveseat (or living room furniture), and dining room chairs. We've needed a new bed for at least four years, our current couch is broken and is not at all restful to me, and our current dining room chairs were the cheapest of the cheap from IKEA years ago and have been broken and fixed at least twice per chair, plus the fact that they're REALLY uncomfortable.

Since it was Memorial Day weekend we knew we had to hit the sales! Friday night and all day Saturday, we drove up and down Highway 70 to Furniture Row (where all the local furniture stores are), we drove back and forth between mattress stores, laid on countless mattresses (which I'm still trying to forget), and FINALLY had success!

Our bed is the same as the second from the front. It's amazing!

We found the mattress of our dreams, a Sealy Tempur-Pedic or something like that. We like support but softness, or 'plush' as it's called in the mattress world. We were debating between two mattresses at two different stores. They were both the same price too. The saleslady ended up giving us free same day delivery and knocked $50 off the price of the bed, so once we decided on the mattress, we ended up getting it cheaper too!

We did stick with the queen sized bed, but later once we're in a house again, we'll upgrade most likely. Then this amazingness will become the new guest bed. I love it when a plan comes together!

After we found the mattress of our dreams, we finished looking at couches and loveseats. Ashley Furniture was having a great sale where if you bought an inexpensive couch (certain $ range), you could buy the matching loveseat for 50% off. We were debating that when we found a chaise couch elsewhere we really liked. In the end, we went with the Ashley Furniture deal to get a complete set since both the couch and loveseat were cheaper than the one chaise couch we'd found. The new couch and loveseat get delivered in a week and I can't wait!!!

Believe it or not, we were sick of spending money and decided we'd need to wait to get dining room chairs, our lowest priority of the three. For our anniversary and to celebrate the furniture/bed purchases, we went to Gonza for dinner. Have I mentioned how wonderful Gonza is and how much I love Mexican food?!
Such a handsome man! (although he looks the same as he did in high school)
After dinner we had about an hour to be home before the delivery window on our new mattress. We had tons still to do, including moving our old bed into the guest room AFTER taking apart the old guest bed and frame. The frame has already sold on Craig's List for the asking price, which is awesome!
Getting ready!

Hubby busted his tail getting everything done in time, and we got to sleep on our new bed that Saturday night. What a difference a new bed makes!

We swapped cards in a rare moment of no-craziness that day and died laughing when we realized we both went with the exact same card, which happened to be the first card we both looked at in the store!
Still in sync after all these years!
And then Sunday came! I was off work, but it was wonderful to sit together during the church service without having to work. We went out for a quick lunch and then hit up Target to look for new bedding. We haven't found new bedding yet, but look what we did find!
New dining chairs for more than 50% off?! I think so!
We were trying to be so wise with the funds available and make good choices for all this furniture which is why we'd given up on finding chairs. We just aren't comfortable yet spending $100+ per chair when we need six of them. We walked into Target and these were each $80 on clearance for under $40, PLUS with the Target debit card we saved an extra 5%! Perfect!

Poor CC then spent two days putting all the chairs together, but fortunately for me he absolutely loves it! Only one chair out of the bunch was damaged and he even called about five Targets in the area to find a replacement, which he did after we'd finally prayed about it (God is so amazing!).

We immediately drove over to Brier Creek, exchanged the damaged chair for the good chair, and then celebrated with Gigi's Cupcakes- yum!
CC had a helper with the chair-building!
Tuesday was back to work as usual but after the hectic weekend, we were kind of ready for it. So no, we didn't go anywhere or do anything big for our anniversary, but we DID meet all the needs and buy new stuff, which is equally exciting at this point!

And after work Tuesday we got official word we were debt-free, so that's exciting!
Paid In FULL!
After this weekend's mini-time off, we have a 5k to train for, and are getting back into eating right and working out. The other day we went on a walk with Scout who wasn't having it. I really think she just wants to get her Jersey tan on, but then gets disappointed when we make her sweat a little. Go figure.
Back on track!


LauraC said...

Happy happy anniversary! I am happy to hear the entire back story on the purchases.

Jan said...

Oh my gosh! What exciting things going on! I can't wait to come to your house (and I am barging into your room to see that new bed). :) What great finds! God is so good!

Congratulations again on being debt-free! I LOVE the "paid in full" letter. Frame that sucker! :)

And tell your hubby he looks amazing!!! I'm so proud of you both! So many incredible changes going on! :)

Meredith said...

Happy anniversary you two! You guys are such an awesome example and testimony to the Lord's love and you both! It's awesome to see all the exciting things you've got going on. Can't wait to see you later this month!

{cuppakim} said...

Super proud of you guys and your saving and paying off all your bills!!! What fun, long awaited purchases you made! The living room looks great! And stomach delicious Mexican food, yummmmm!