Thursday, May 16, 2013


Lots of heavy stuff going on these days, and I began to wonder at which point I became a grown-up. Life as an adult is TOUGH. You hear that as a kid, "enjoy it while you can!" but you think it's a lie adults tell kids to keep them in line or something.

Was it when I got married and moved into our own place?

When I turned 18 or 21?

My first 'real' job? Or my second real job where I've actually flourished and stayed for going on ten years?

When we bought our first house? When we sold our first house because we were trying to reduce expenses?

When I began to get excited talking about debt-reduction and Dave Ramsey?

When we got out of debt and now can get excited talking about saving?

When a friend had infertility and I walked with her through that? When death touched my family once again and my beloved grandmother passed away?

When miracles happened and the Lord blessed us?

When I get excited every week if I get all of the laundry done in a single day?

When we paid taxes yet again and finally had figured out our numbers so we didn't owe for the first time in our marriage?

When another sweet friend discovered a mass requiring surgery with a very high mortality rate?

When I'm driving down the road and I see BABIES driving too? Or, when I walk through the mall and see teenage girls with low shirts and too-short shorts on?

When did I grow up?

It's crazy how true it is that as you get older, you still feel like the same younger version on the inside.

Sometimes I wish I could stop time and just stay in that one particular happy phase of life. But as we all know, that doesn't happen.

Oh well... I feel a sudden urge to go color in my coloring book now... if you're looking for me, you might find me swinging on the swing-set outside today.

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