Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Lot On My Mind

I have a lot on my mind today. As usual, many seemingly unrelated random thoughts flitting in and out and around in my head. I hope you don't mind but I'm going to write them here so I can clear my head.

The other day I wrote a long post about the best weekend ever. Because I didn't want to forget everything, it felt to me like it read boring and not exciting. But it was anything but boring and I am still very much coming down off the high that was the weekend with our friends.

I remembered on the way in to work this morning that we won the early bird drawing for our rent this month! This means when we pay our rent, we can take $100 off. It's taken over three years but we finally won and we're really excited! Our names go in the monthly newsletter and everything (which I'm okay if we're not in there, but whatever).

I finally got a gmail email account to help with email on my iPad. The problem is instead of sending emails from my RoadRunner account which I prefer, gmail keeps popping up insisting it's more awesome. Between this issue and my work email, I don't know what email address is on what sent email. So annoying. I have the work email set as the default but I wish you could set a secondary default. That would be nice.

I still miss these...

Oh macarons, how I love thee!
(Do you know that we can't find a bakery anywhere in the area that sells homemade macarons? A couple places import them but I want the yummy, fresh ones. I might have to try my hand at baking them myself, since I'm kind of desperate.)

... which is why I did this yesterday. I totally killed it even though I was on the treadmill. I know I have to adjust to our summer heat (HUMIDITY) soon, but the a/c in the gym was calling my name. I made up with MFP and added the gained three pounds so I could essentially jump-start my weight loss again. I haven't officially lost anything in over three months and I refuse to give up when I'm sort of close to my goal. Typically this is when I give up so I'm trying to push through it.

Heck yes!

Lots of family stuff going on which is really good and somewhat discouraging, all at the same time. Still lots of waiting though.

I am FINALLY going to meet an insta/blog/twitter/fb friend in person! I'm really excited and really nervous. It feels kind of like a blind date- will she like me in person? I know I'm not the only one who's gone through this, which is why I'm sharing. I'm super excited though!

If you've not tried a Baked Happy cookie, you better get on it. I had my first one Sunday night and it was amazing! I almost didn't want to eat it because it was gorgeously decorated, but then I knew the taste would be even better so I went for it. And then was promptly sad when it was gone.

Hubby and I are totally wanting to take trips and go places now that we got a little taste of it last week. West VA and Ohio were so gorgeous and since I'd never seen them before, it reminds me of what else I might be missing. We'd LOVE to do Disney World again, but in the meantime I think we're trying to go to Nashville for the 4th of July. We adore Nashville and we have family there, so I hope it works out to go. I really, really, really want an authentic, real leather, pair of cowboy boots. Since we can't get to Texas anytime soon, Nashville might have to help me out there.

I'm itching to get baking again. This is very dangerous now that MFP and I are friends again. It doesn't help that my new issue of the Food Network magazine arrived the other day. So many yummy-looking ideas in there! Maybe this is where the macarons will come into play...

PinterTest Kitchen is next week and I've done NOTHING. Such a slacker. I pin something and think, "oh now I know I'll make that in the next week or so!" and then I promptly forget what it was. We'll see if I can't whip something up this weekend.

I'm sure there's more but I appreciate you letting me spill my thoughts here! Since I use this blog more as my journal, it's helpful to get out what's going on.


LauraC said...

I don't think you ever have to apologize for what's on your blog! It's your blog!

I am 100% we will like each other in person. At the very least, we will get tacos out of the deal!

{cuppakim} said...

There is a lot on your plate these days!!who ar e you meeting up with?!? Fun!!