Monday, June 24, 2013

Best Weekend Ever!

Today is a real let-down and I'm in full-on depression mode. Don't get me wrong, it's a good day, but after the amazingly awesome and awesomely amazing weekend that we just had, anything else would be a let-down.

There is also the whole my-mother's-having-a-biopsy-today-for-possible-cancer situation too. And it being Monday. And back to being MFP-friendly again. Well, stink, what a day. Haha!

Thanks for joining me in that stream-of-consciousness moment. On to the weekend recap!

I know I've mentioned John and Meredith before here since we adore them so, but to give you the full picture...

You know the one friend you've had for forever? The one that you're super close to, even if you don't see each other very often? The one you wish you could be more like and try to appear not stalkerish because they're just that cool?! The one that gets along super well with your spouse and you get along super well with their spouse and you have such awesome hilarious memories that you wake up in the morning laughing at those funny moments? One of the very few people in your life that will travel with you through the bad times and laugh your way into and through the good times? I could go on and on, but these are the kind of friends that John and Meredith are to CC and me.

CC and John go back to middle school and CC, John, and I go back to high school youth group at church. So we've known him a long time. Once Meredith entered the picture, things only got more amazing. It was like we'd found our missing puzzle piece. So anytime the four of us can be together, obviously it makes for a pretty fun time. Just like this past weekend which was so overdue and desperately needed.

Friday CC was off work and we were supposed to drive to Columbus, Ohio for a fun-filled weekend.

We'd planned to leave at 7am to get there ASAP to cram in as much friend time as we could. We woke up to discover our toilet was leaking and had to leave with wet towels all over the floor. Fortunately we live in an apartment so we called maintenance on the way up.

After that, Hubby found a screw in our rapidly flattening tire when he went to load the car. Praise Jesus for Just Tires! They open early and were able to get us on the road by 8:15. We ended up needing a new tire which stunk, but it worked out that we didn't have to stress about a plugged tire for 1000 miles all weekend. Apparently John and Meredith had just as much, if not more, trouble making this weekend happen too! Pretty crazy.

I went to two states on this trip that I'd never been to before- West Virginia and Ohio. Both were incredibly beautiful and everyone was pretty friendly, especially in Ohio. It's so GREEN!

We hit a little traffic heading into Columbus but other than that, traffic was not an issue. Finding our way around Columbus apparently is a problem for the GPS, but we managed just fine.

We FINALLY met up at the hotel with John and Meredith, who we ADORE. If you know them at all, you adore them too. It's just what happens. We hung out for a bit and came up with our game plan for the Electric Run (more to come on that later).
Just a normal day for the four of us!
The Electric Run was so fun and such a good time! We laughed, we looked, we ran around (or attempted to), and then ate a VERY late dinner at TGI Friday's.

The good thing about this weekend is that unlike the Color Run in Charlotte last year (which looking back apparently I didn't actually blog about- bad Susie!), this time we planned to stay all weekend and be together even after the race was over. A MUCH BETTER plan for the record.

Saturday we hung out and spent the entire day together. And it was bliss. Bliss, I tell you! We got Starbucks and sat there for a while like we had nothing better to do, which was wonderful in and of itself, because who has time to actually do that?!

We ate lunch at a BBQ place that actually does Southern food really well! We convinced Meredith to ask for the corn pudding recipe which they didn't give her, but we sure enjoyed eating it! Time at Target is always a must of course, so we did that.

Chris had suggested a couple places to go, one of which was a bakery and one was the German Village in Columbus. Turns out Meredith had heard of the bakery and been to the Village, so we all traipsed down there Saturday afternoon. We headed to the bakery and ate lemon tarts and lots of Frenchy desserts and pastries. Including macarons! Oh, the macarons! (More on that later too because they deserve their own post) The bakery was so amazing we decided to come back for a second time after we walked around the German Village. (I even took a photo of their bathroom because it's gorgeous and it's what I want our next house to have in it!)

The German Village was pretty fun. I was expecting something similar to Old Salem with the older shops and back-in-the-day stuff, which the German Village is not. It was a pleasant surprise to see all of the different architecture, the really HIGH church steeple, and I loved all the brick/cobblestone roads! It's really a shame we couldn't buy one of the duplexes within walking distance of the bakery.

Back at the bakery, we loaded up on macarons and a chocolate caramel tart for the road. Suffice it to say nothing made it home by Sunday night, part of the depression for today.

We played lots of cards- the girls and the guys are all tied up, so we'll have a winning team the next time we all get together. Chipotle for dinner made for a wonderful end!

Sunday morning was awful because we had to say goodbye. Meredith prayed for us which was wonderful- and hilarious since we were all bawling and hugging in the middle of the hotel lobby.

We finally made it home safely and have been trying to plan our next get-together, the sooner the better! Macarons will probably be involved one way or another, and as much time as we can cram in with the four of us. My favorite part was that there were no responsibilities or plans that had to happen and so we just soaked up time with each other for the entire weekend. I imagine this is what Heaven will be like- at least for me. This past weekend was pretty close.


Jan said...

I'm so glad you had such an incredible time! Thankfully I've met both John and Meredith and I agree. .. they are incredible! I love the friendship you all have. Thanks for sharing about your amazing weekend together.

{cuppakim} said...

This looks like such a blast even in the midst of the chaos and trials at home, I'm glad you guys were able to still have a nice time!!