Monday, June 10, 2013

Hey Monday...

Today is yet again full of monsoons and weather alerts. I gotta be honest and tell you that I'm kinda the teensiest bit looking forward to the hot sunny days heading our way. If nothing else to avoid the depressing dreariness we seem to be stuck with lately.

Our weekend was too short as usual but pretty relaxing and fun. Let's recap, shall we?
I don't do car stickers but this one's tempting me to break my rule!
Our multisite location has a new building! Talk about exciting!
So many folks visiting our church's other multisite location that they have temporarily added a third service. That's pretty amazing!

My sweet friend had surgery last week and we were all praying pretty anxiously, I must confess. This surgery has a very high mortality rate and had at the time only been done by two surgeons in the entire country. Now three! Praise the Lord!

Went to this...

We enjoyed a little Sola coffee...

Meredith got me hooked. HOOKED, I tell ya!

CC got me the smallest keyboard for my mini so I can write using the mini. Yes, it may as well be a laptop at this point, but I'm in LUV!

5k season training has officially begun! We're signed up for the Electric Run in two weeks and this weekend we're signing up for at least another run. Let the fun begin!


Chris said...

The before and after shot of the living room is awesome! I didn't realize that you had a before shot!

Also, apparently we've watched too much Arrested Development at once because when I read the title it was in Buster's voice...:)

Meredith said...

Looks like a fabulous weekend all around! Love the new living room...I can totally see it with a some bright yellow throw pillows. That sounds like Susan to me. :) And I apologize about the almonds, but hey, what are friends for? ;) Can't wait to see you guys!

Jan said...

Love your new living room! Can't wait to be invited over to enjoy it in person. :)

As for the car sticker...our church has them too. I digressed for three years, then bought the magnets with the sticky on one side and put the sticker on that, then cut around and put it on my car. Love it! Shows you support, but aren't committed to the sticker aspect. LOL! Just a thought that might make the decision easier on you. :)

And where are you finding the nuts that Meredith hooked you on. I want some!