Thursday, June 27, 2013

Macaron Mania!

So I mentioned earlier this week about my newfound obsession/love/stalkerish addiction that is the macaron. NOT the American coconut macaroon (two 'o's), though I do enjoy those too. I'm talking about the hardcore, straight-up, we're not playing, French macaron (one 'o').

I discovered these at the #1 rated bakery in all of Columbus- a French bakery in German Village, which I find highly amusing. It's called Pistacia Vera and let me tell you if you can EVER get there, GET. THERE.
The pastry case, or part of it
It might be worth the drive to Columbus just to go. I mean, the folks there are ridiculously nice and if it's your first visit, you get a free macaron to try! Why, yes, I do like freebies, thank you!
Yuzu Lemon tarts, Blueberry goat cheese tarts, and Strawberry goodness!
The place is gorgeous and the atmosphere is light and airy, if that makes sense. I even loved their bathroom so much I took a photo of it for our future-house-hopes.
The now famous bathroom
And then to top it all off, they let me sneak upstairs for a quick pic of the cool view of the bakery!
Sneaking upstairs for the secret recipe
We ended up making two trips that afternoon so that what we got to-go didn't melt in the car. CC and I ate ours on the road trip home on Sunday. At one point I had three left and I told CC I was in the mood for another one, but didn't want them to end. He told me to go ahead and eat them and when I asked why, he said he was really sad that all of his were gone and if mine were gone too we'd both be sad together. Hilarious. Of course I went ahead and ate them, but then we were sad!
Oh come on! Even their boxes are gorgeous.
Lemon, Coconut, and a half-eaten Mocha Hazelnut... not even crumbs were left

We also got a chocolate caramel tart which we tried Sunday night. Don't get me wrong, it was REALLY good, but compared to the macarons the tart was found lacking.

Suffice it to say that we've been on a manhunt all week trying to find somewhere local that sells them. Unfortunately the one or two shops that do sell them don't actually make them- they're all imported from Europe. That won't work. I want the fresh, real, homemade version.

So now I'm on a mission to attempt to make them! Yes, I know I've never done this before. Yes, I know I live in the HOT, HUMID South, which is pretty much a death sentence for macarons. Yes, it might cost me $500 to make them and Hubby will not like that. Especially if they're awful. And yes, MFP will hate my guts and I'll gain loads of weight if this does work.

But I have to try, right?!

After much research, here are the two recipes I'm going with: here (with video) and here. Thinking I'll kind of merge them together with all their tips and tricks to hopefully have a successful first batch. I really just want to mention these links so that if this works, I will have the recipes (and video!) saved. Also if this works, these are good basic recipes I can play around with for different flavor options.

And then PDub came to the rescue with this source from one of her photography workshops at the ranch. And this lovely lady has an entire book thingie called, "Demystifying Macarons!" Why, yes, I'm reading it right now; aren't you? I think this will be extremely helpful.

I'm hoping to make these this weekend so we'll see how that goes, especially with all the stormy (HUMID) weather expected. Wish me luck!


Chris said...

I love finding places like this on vacations. Beyond just how amazingly wonderful everything tasted, everything in this shop was done with excellence. Everything detail of the shop seemed well thought out and wonderfully executed. I love finding places that care as much about the experience of being in their shop as they do their product. This is one, if not the best examples of this I've experienced.

I'm definitely hoping Susan can figure out how to make something that tastes even a little like these! I know she's up to the challenge! If you haven't had a macaron, (I hadn't. I thought they were those nasty macaroon things.) I thought they tasted like the essence of a cupcake. In fact, I liked them better than cupcakes! Now I just wonder if these were TOO good...

LauraC said...

I've read David Leibovitz is the go-to guy for macarons. I will be interested to hear how this experiment works out!

{cuppakim} said...

It makes me so happy that you noted the spelling difference between the pasties, sadly I don't love macarons however I think they are so pretty!!!,it's always is so fun finding new loves