Thursday, June 06, 2013


Apartments have mysterious smells sometimes that you can't really explain, so you just do your best to get rid of mask them, you know? A couple of weeks ago I came home to a musty, stale, funky smell in the apartment. This kind of thing is a pet peeve of mine and drives me batty (Hubby can attest to this.). So after spraying every air freshener we had, lighting all eighteen hundred candles we own, and still smelling the staleness, I turned to Pinterest. (Where else would you go? It has all the answers.)

I found this pin, talking about how realtors use this trick to make houses smell like cookies, blah blah blah (original link here).

I pulled out my GOOD vanilla. You know, the kind only Ina uses, because surely that's the kind that will make this work. I used my special mug from the special Cuppa, because I figured this funkiness needed all the good vibes it could get. And then I waited. Sniffed a little here and there... and waited some more...
Vanilla gunk
Once the hour was up, I thought I caught a faint whiff of vanilla, but by no means did this dissipate any kind of funky mustiness going on in the apartment. It did NOT smell like cookies, it barely smelled like vanilla, and I got really concerned when the mug ended up full of gunk. I did not look forward to soaking scrubbing my mug out.

Fortunately, water took the gunk right out and the candles eventually took away the funkiness, but this is a lying pin! Liar liar!

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Becky said...

That's a disappointing waste of vanilla! I tried this pin and it worked amazingly well! I might try it in an open slow cooker next time, though, because I kept adding water when it simmered off.

Cinders said...

what a great concept, but oh so sad it was a bust!

{cuppakim} said...

Realized there were more unread posts over here! What a bummer!!! I looooove that mug, I am so glad you do too.

Try coffee grounds in a mug and sit them out to absorb, or cornstarch! Or heck, both!

Jessica Johnson said...

Lying liar who lies. And thanking thanker who is 5 years late. Sorry I am such a slacker. But thank you for linking up. I love how you are always down to par-tay. xxoo