Tuesday, July 09, 2013

A Non-weirdo and the Continuing Macaron Saga

Last Thursday I met up with Laura and if you remember, I was a tad nervous. Mostly that she'd think I was a weirdo and regret wanting to meet up with me. I took macarons to make up for it- haha! I had a lot of fun and Laura was a pro at meeting 'fake friends' as my SIL puts it. She was super fun to talk to and it was neat to see her in real life and not just in photos. She wasn't crazy at all and if she thought I was nuts, she hid it pretty well. Haha!
Laura & me
Chicken tacos at Gonza and a fun time made for a great night! Especially afterwards when Laura texted me that the macarons were yummy. That really made my day!

Poor hubby can NOT manage to keep two socks on at once. I do not comprehend such a phenomenon and it drives me bonkers. I asked him where his other sock went and he had no clue.
How do you DO that?!
The macaron saga continued as we made three batches last week before heading to Nashville (more to come on that)... we ended up with Chocolate Peanut Butter, Maple Pecan (one of my favorites so far), and get this- Maple Bacon! That was really yummy too- it tasted like Breakfast in Vermont, or so we're assuming.

These last three batches ended up being too big and the humidity made them flatter than they're supposed to be. Actually it could've been that the almond flour was refrigerated beforehand- supposedly that keeps it fresher longer, but I did let it sit out on the counter for over an hour before actually using it. I probably won't be doing that again, just in case that was the issue.
Maple Bacon!
And then we headed to Nashville for the long weekend....

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LauraC said...

Susan!! I totally forgot to write about us meeting with the holiday! Super crazy week. It was so great to meet you, and I didn't feel sad leaving since I know I will see you again.

The boys are going to camp next week right by La Farm Bakery so I will swing by to try their macarons. For you. Because I'm a good friend like that.