Thursday, July 18, 2013

Catching Up

This has been a good week. Today has been a truly amazing and awesome day. I hope soon to let you know why but in the meantime, I feel a photo dump coming on...

Hubby and I make the 'I love you' sign to each other all the time. Last week Carly got in on it with me.

Cutest girl
This macaron business is not for the faint of heart. CC whipped up (get it? haha!) a macaron template for me since my sizing was all kinds of off. This thing is fantastic!
Ghetto lamination at its finest! (aka clear packing tape)
Last weekend we made three batches of macarons again: lemon, orange creamsicle, and mocha. The lemon are hands-down one of our favorites. We've actually been rationing them since we've got too much going on to bake this weekend. Next up, we're thinking more lemon, mint chocolate, possibly cherry chocolate, and on and on it goes... seriously, we have a real macaron problem on our hands.
My fave!
And then we hit up BJ's and found this. For real?!
I know without trying I am not strong enough to use this!
Wandering around Target and we found the cutest little book!
Scout's just chillaxin' with us these days but I found this hilarious.
Literally resting on Daddy's foot

I've been trying to be good this week since it looks like my weekends are shot (macarons, I'm tellin' ya!) in terms of sticking to MFP. To that end, I've been doing the 7-Minute Workout, which sounds easy until you do it. It's like cramming all of Jillian's workouts into seven minutes. Ugh. But it's working. Scout's not so sure what's going on, but she's overseeing my training.
What're you doing, Mama?!
Continuing the working out/training theme in our house, Scout's 5k training is coming along quite well... at least if she plans to hitchhike!
No shame. Absolutely no shame.
This week has been Camp Adventure at church/work, which is our version of Vacation Bible School (VBS). Picture over 500(!) children running and screaming and causing general mayhem all throughout the building and you've got VBS!

Yesterday was Wacky Hair Day, which I absolutely loved. Today Captain America (complete with shield) was in attendance in the second grade class. I love this week!
Jessie and Raquel
During VBS every year, the kids compete to see who can bring the most PB&J for the local food bank. This year it's the girls vs the boys, and I can only imagine the poor boy who got the message mixed up!
So cute!
So that's all for now. It's almost my weekend! Woohoo! What're you up to?

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