Thursday, July 25, 2013

Friday's Comin'!

I think this might be in the top five of happy-Friday's-tomorrow moments of late. It has been a LONG week. Not a bad week, but a very long week. We had to bail on doing our 5k this weekend (which I'm still really sad about), so that means we now have no set plans for the weekend (other than working/serving Sunday). Bring on the lazy slacker weekend!

I am very much looking forward to jammie pants, stalking visiting the bakery Laura found that carries macarons, and watching movies and reading books.

Speaking of books, I FINALLY jumped on the Divergent bandwagon... if you liked the Hunger Games trilogy, this is similar, but I enjoyed it much more than the Hunger Games. I'm not sure how I feel about the casting for the Divergent movie, yet, but this first book was amazingly good! I read all 500 pages in less than a day, so it's an easy read that you won't want to put down.
So good
And this gelato has been ALL OVER facebook and instagram lately. I looked up all the flavors and wanted a minimum of five immediately. This one is the one Hubby brought home from Target, and it's seriously life-changing. I'm dying to try their Raspberry Chocolate Chip and the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup flavors, but this stuff is NOT even close to being MFP-friendly (not that I'm caring right now, but eventually I will be).
A rock hit CC's windshield the other day. He's hopefully getting it fixed this afternoon for not a lot of money. Several insta-friends thought we'd discovered a UFO, which I found pretty hilarious. So sorry to disappoint.

Our sweet, adorable, sleepy puppy... She came home from Grandma Camp where her cat harem lives. She's always tired after that, but I would be too if I was surrounded by five crazy cats for five days.
Have I mentioned that tomorrow is FRIDAY?! Praise the Lord!

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LauraC said...

When are you going to La Farm? Are you going to the one in Cary? Not to be crazy stalkery but I live 5 minutes from there and would be happy to meet you :)

Plus I need to hear the scoop on job stuff!