Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Nashville! (Part 1)

Ever since our first time visiting Dave & Merrill in Nashville, we've LOVED that town. The shopping, the restaurants, the charming homes-music industry offices, and on and on it goes. We haven't gotten there but a few times over the last ten years since they moved there, but it's always on our minds to go back and see them and enjoy Nashville.

We finally got to go this past weekend- we left Thursday and came home Sunday... AND Scout got to go too! We drugged her up good both going and coming and she got to visit with her doggy cousins, which made for an interesting time. Scout  just wants to play but Bear and Panda don't really know what to do with Scout, so pretty much they just end up staring at each other the whole time. It was kinda funny, actually.

We ate Mexican food of course (since we're obsessed and eat it almost every day. Every day, if we can manage it.)
I had their Mexican chopped salad TWICE.
Poor Scout tried to play with Bear a lot. Poor Bear wasn't sure what to do.
I just met you and this is crazy, so chase me maybe?
One thing I was most excited about was that Scout would get to enjoy Merrill's gorgeous back yard. Fenced in, off leash, lots of pretty grass- just go for it, Scouty! Poor thing just could not figure out what to do. She eventually got it, I think, but it was so wet most of the time that she couldn't really play back there. It was seriously monsoony while we were driving there and driving home. Stressful.

Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.
And of course, we scoped out places that sold macarons. You'd think a French bakery would know how to rock some macarons. Apparently, you thought wrong. So very, very wrong. These were NASTY and we ended up throwing half of them away. These were chalky and flavorless and should NEVER have been sold, especially for so much money. I'm mad just thinking about it. What a rip-off. If this is what sells, I can totally go into the macaron business!

So very, very wrong.
This was a retail store, people. Praise Jesus that Merrill warned me before we walked inside. I had to leave once I started breaking out in hives. Too much clutter. TOO. MUCH. CLUTTER!

No. Just no.
Merrill has fantastic fashion-sense and has a fantastic boot collection. I REALLY want a good pair of boots, so she helped me look. I didn't find any yet, but I got some great advice to follow. The poor guys weren't as into it as we were. Good sports, though.
You don't want to look for boots?
We had lunch at ML Rose, which is fantastic! I got the chicken jalapeno quesadilla, which was divine. I wish we'd been able to go back again. Next time!
So good!
Our very personable and friendly waiter helped us take some photos. I'm glad we have these. There aren't many photos of us four together, and especially not many of CC and me now that we've lost so much weight.

Oh, Dave!

A little better

Our trip to Nashville continues tomorrow!

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