Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Nantahala Getaway

With Hubby's stressful new job and all we've dealt with the past couple months, he thought it'd be a brilliant idea to get away. I have to say, that man is so smart. With the Groupon we found, we went away to the mountains near Nantahala last weekend for not a lot of money (always a good thing!).

We were really hoping for a porch we could enjoy and sit on with mountain views. Well the good news is we ended up getting our own private 'treehouse cottage'- the bad news is the porch faced the gravel road, there was a forest-of-trees view and no mountain views, and there was no wi-fi except at the main lodge building. We were a little sad about that at first, but in the end it turned out to be pretty wonderful to unplug for a couple days.

The funniest part of the weekend was when we were about half an hour away from the resort. We were talking about chores and things we don't like to do and I mentioned to CC that he doesn't like to take out the trash. All of a sudden he smacks the steering wheel and says 'Guess what we forgot to do before we left?' We'd forgotten to take out the trash! Five hours on a road trip to the mountains and we finally remember the trash in the trunk of the car. CC was determined to find some place legal to dump it so nobody would think we were stashing a dead body somewhere... we drove for about twenty minutes and found a campground and were able to dump it. We were doubled over laughing about that!

Not a dead body, I promise!

We read books, we played A LOT of foosball (there was a table in our cottage), we went hiking and enjoyed some waterfalls (have fun saying Juney Whank!), and I loved my mountain mochas! It was a breath of fresh air (quite literally) to get away with just the two of us for the weekend. We also went on the Blue Ridge Parkway, which we love to do. Last time we did that was YEARS ago and our views were pretty non-existent due to the massive fog. This go-round we had amazing views!

We really want to go back and go tubing and whitewater rafting. We ran out of time to do that fun stuff, but are looking forward to going back!
Juney Whank is fun to say... and gorgeous!

Giant mountain mochas are my new fave


LarryL said...

One wonders why you thought you needed WiFi in the first place? So symptomatic....

{cuppakim} said...

cabin time is my fav.
mountain time is my fav.
waterfall time is my fav.

what a GREAT weekend.
trying really hard not to be jealous :)