Thursday, August 08, 2013

Official Bucket List

Alright, I've been hinting about this for a while now and I'm finally starting/continuing my (drumroll please)...

Official Bucket List

In no particular order and of course subject to add/subtract/change on a dime:

1. Do a half-marathon
2. Go to Hawaii with CC
3. Meet more bloggie/virtual friends in real life
4. Go back to London (use my passport)
5. Disney World!
6. Successfully gift macarons to someone
7. Successfully gift a handmade quilt to someone (that I've made)
8. Hit my first goal weight (my high school weight)
9. Learn to hike
10. Break my daily Starbucks addiction
11. Manage a real summer tan at some point, even if it's for five minutes
12. Rock some bright red highlights in my hair
13. Enter the baking competition at the state fair
14. Finish writing one of the many stories/books in my head
15. Create a legit cookbook with all of our favorite recipes in it
16. Own a house again
17. Surprise someone with a huge monetary blessing
18. Make every recipe in a single cookbook of Ina's
19. Successfully pull off a prank I thought of myself with nobody getting hurt
20. Go an entire week without the TV being turned on once
21. Fly first-class
22. Buy a new wedding dress I love and wear it once (same hubby!)
23. Look like a legit ironic hipster at least for one day
24. Own a pot of La Mer cream at least one time in my life.

25. Have a book made out of all my bloggie posts
26. Go to places I've read about in books, like Tahoe and Wisconsin Dells

I'll have to keep thinking on it, but for now this is what I have. I have no end goal date for any of these, but I'll have to get crackin' won't I? Any thoughts about my list?


LauraC said...

LOVE the list!!

The TV thing. I did 30 days with no tv one summer. I would highly recommend it because I learned a lot. And what I learned is that I need tv to mentally quiet myself. I would support you in a week of no tv!

And the blogbook. I do those every year. I can show you how to do it. Or I wrote a blog post on it. Here is one example:

Jan said...

So fun to read your bucket list. I think you should include on there (maybe line through them or different color) the things you've already crossed off of your bucket list.

{cuppakim} said...

you are SUCH a fun person susan. :) I love all of these.
and support them all. except #10.
dont quit starbucks!