Thursday, August 22, 2013

Since The People Have Spoken

Since everyone's wondering now that we're smack in the middle of week three, here's the update on Hubby's job sitch.

Cutest man I ever did see
Two and a half weeks in (as in, two days ago), he got asked to lead a team. Of course he said yes (He IS the newbie after all!) so now he's managing again. Hopefully this time will be temporary and will end in six weeks or so, but we'll see.

The worst part to me is that he's working with 'off-shore' (aka not in 'Merica) folks which means the time zones are all over the place. Which means that in addition to his really late nights and long days, now he's having to be up and awake and ready to work at SIX AM. Yes, 6. As in, before the sun comes up.

And the man does not drink coffee, people.

How does he do it?!

In addition to this, his high-maintenance wife wakes up if he breathes differently, which means once he's up, so am I. I'm an incredibly light sleeper, which is very very sad. It'd be good if we were being robbed or something in the middle of the night because then I could bust them or something, but usually it's just sad. Also the fact that once I'm awake, I can't ever go back to sleep, so the poor man is just having a time of it.

I will say even though we're both really tired today, it was kind of secretly lovely this morning to have a couple hours to relax and get things done around the house before heading off to work. I'm not sure he'd say the same thing, but it was pleasant.

And now it's nap-time...zzzzz.... (Just kidding, sort of.)

At least he's still having FUN, right?! Right!


{cuppakim} said...

awesome! thanks for the update!
hope you get some REST!!!

LauraC said...

What happened to "he's not going to manage people!" hee hee

Glad he is liking it!