Thursday, August 29, 2013

So This Happened.

So this happened last Thursday right before we were supposed to go out of town on Friday. I also had a phone date with this awesome gal and didn't want to cancel.

Poor Meredith!
Now you need to understand- I drop my phone all the time. ALL the time. I hate OtterBoxes- they're clunky and ugly and ginormous, so I don't have one. In all the years I've had a cell phone, especially the iPhone, I've never actually broken one. Dropped it in a pile of ketchup? Yes. Accidentally had one commit suicide in a dumpster while helping Habitat? Absolutely. Dropped it five gagillion times on cement and pavement? Yep. Broken a phone during said droppage? Never.

Of course I'm not upgrade-eligible right now either so a new iPhone 5 would've cost me about $650,000. Um no, what else ya got Mr. Eric at AT&T? He recommended we go to Pro-Wireless at the mall and see if they would replace the screen for cheaper. (He also recommended phone insurance, but pfft. I don't need that mess.)

We quickly headed over there since they closed at 9pm and it was after 8 (Why does the entire city shut down at 9pm?! Just sayin'.).

Well the awesome news is they replaced the screen for just about a hundred bucks in under an hour! Woohoo! The only true sad moment came when my cute cheap chevron case bit the dust. Back to the boring one I was using before.

Recovery mode
My phone was in 'recovery' all weekend, with a screen protector film and two rubber bands interfering with my (not so) nimble fingers, but by Sunday morning when I was allowed to introduce my phone back into normal phone society, it was all better! I was still able to have my phone date with the gorgeous gal featured in these photos, thanks to the bizarre but neat new earbuds.
Yay! Disaster averted.


Chris said...

I just realized your phone had on "The Cone of Shame" all weekend! LOL!!

Meredith said...

Yay for fixing phones fast (oooh, alliteration!) So glad it's back to normal so we could have this phone dae! (and hopefully many more!)