Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ten on Ten!

I finally remembered to do a Ten on Ten post! Woohoo! I think I've only successfully accomplished this one other time ever. Basically, on the tenth day of each month, you take ten pictures throughout the day, which gives a sneaky peek into your life. And then you link up here.

This ten on ten post finally happened since it was my birthday! Birthdays are a BIG deal to me and I celebrate all month long (or as much as CC lets me!).

Happy faces! (Or at least one happy face)
My phone was VERY excited!
Starting the day off right

Macarons! I seriously thought about it, but I refrained from buying it.

The a/c was broken at the store so I pretended to be a model with the fan blowing my hair all over. Not so much.
Sharing jumper cables in the mall parking lot
Hubby bought me a REALLY nice bag for my present! He's good.

Time for dinner with friends!

Dessert #1! (and a peace sign bomb)

Dessert #2!

Overall it was a fantastic special day! It was a low-key birthday, but a very good and fun birthday.

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