Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Can I Get Some Extra Credit?

I tested another Pinterest pin last week and I'd like to go on record now and ask Jessica for extra credit in next month's PinterTest Kitchen! (It's a slight miracle that I've tested two pins recently AND blogged about them!)

These chicken and bacon bites were so yummy! I was looking for something VERY quick and easy to throw together for dinner, but something I thought CC might go nuts over.

We like chicken. We LOVE times a million bacon. I like mustard, CC doesn't. I figured two out of three weren't bad and went for it. On the plus side, he seems to be getting over his aversion to mustard and I give all credit to this recipe. We have growth, people!

I bought chicken tenders already cut that way (half of the dang recipe is cutting chicken breasts down to size- I deal with raw meat as little as possible, so I said forget that!) and wrapped each one with a piece of bacon.

I didn't even measure the sauce ingredients, just eyeballed it. A little too much since I ended up with a TON. You throw in some coarse mustard, some honey, a little fresh lemon juice, and some salt. That's it. Whisk that goodness together and slap it on one side of the bacon-wrapped chicken. Bake for about 13 minutes, pull them out and flip 'em over, baste the other side with the same goodness, and bake for another 10 or so minutes. Wa-la!

Fortunately I thought ahead to separate out some dipping sauce (again, since I made a vat of the stuff), so we got to have extra on our chicken. I was concerned the bacon wouldn't be done enough for me since I like really burnt crispy bacon, but it was pretty good!

Another bonus for you healthy folks is it's pretty low-cal! Hubby's been asking for this a lot since I made it the first time. Hopefully soon I can indulge him.

Original recipe here


Chris said...

Tip for those who might make it - use thinner bacon if you want the bacon crispier. We are center cut bacon snobs (thanks to "Eat this, not that") so ours was fairly thick cut.

Meredith said...

This looks super yummy! I make a recipe similar to this, but it's got a spice mixture on it before you bake it, which is a little spicy and a little sweet. John loves it. I'll have to try this one, though...the sauce sounds like it's yumm-o!