Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall is here.

My very favoritist, most beloved time of the year is upon us. Fall is full of awesomeness and I am happiest at this point in time each year. I begin celebrating after my August birthday September 1st and get so much flack for it, but now that it's official, I can celebrate to my little heart's content. Even CC can't complain!

The trees changed color right on time with the 22nd this year!
Julie posted a link to a hilarious open letter that you might find amusing, especially if you're not feeling Fall-y yet. Here in the usually hot South, I could relate to some of it, though this year's been mostly mild, praise the Lord! I will say that as much as I adore Autumn, the one thing that is so well-loved that I absolutely can't stand is the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks. I tried it for the first time last year and was pretty grossed out. I figure I don't like liquid pumpkin products, since I love pumpkin anything food-related.

I don't know what we do that keeps us so busy, but life is rushing by still. I can't believe it's almost October, let alone the year 2013! Crazy!

I will say that among the craziness has been lots of working out and PinterTesting in the last week or so- it's all about the balancing act, you know. I will share as I am able, but I'm finding some GOOD stuff on Pinterest lately! Yay! And the working out is about three months overdue so now I have accountability in the form of daily texts. I'm so grateful for good friends who will be honest and hold my feet to the fire.

Speaking of working out, I thought you might enjoy this photo of CC and Scout on our walk. We're the only people we know with a dog that doesn't like to walk. Go figure.
No shame.
My Katygirl wall is officially up and I'm in love. This is actually my view from the couch every. single. day, and I'm never tired of seeing this. I call it that because Katy designed and sells each print. (The frames are from Michael's.) Isn't she amazing?


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Chris said...

I love how Scout is having the time of her life and I'm like, "sigh..."