Thursday, September 26, 2013

I Pin All The Things!

Lately I've been pinning all the things (as usual) but I've also gotten tired of my disorganization with the boards and so I've been trying to clean things up. Which means lots of PinterTesting. 

 Last weekend, we had a few friends over to play cards and have dinner together. This is one of my favorite things that we do ever. It's such a good time, especially with good food and good friends thrown in the mix.

We had tacos for dinner but I wanted something fast, easy, and Fall-y for dessert. And hopefully not completely sinful since I was trying to be sort of good, eating wise. I found this dip that I'd pinned on Pinterest and decided to test it out (original link here).

Pumpkin Pie Dip with Cinnamon Pita Chips? Sign me up! I cut my time in half by buying Stacy's pre-made cinnamon sugar pita chips, which are amazing, in case you're wondering. The dip itself you just whipped up and let it chill until you're ready to eat it. AND... it's made with greek yogurt so it's not really that bad for you. Yay!

Unfortunately, it was a hit-and-miss type recipe. Since I took the vats of leftovers to work on Monday, I had several people give feedback. Tons of folks loved it, but some thought it was strange and tasted like apple (which made no sense, since there's nothing appley to it). You might have to try it for yourself and see what you think.
The dip that looks like hummus but isn't even close.
Sunday I ended up not needing to work so Saturday I wanted to make something special for Sunday breakfast since we'd have time to enjoy the morning before heading off to church. I came up with this french toast recipe (original recipe here). You have to understand how snobby we are about our french toast- we do NOT like mushy french toast! Since you assemble this the night before and let it sit, we were concerned it'd be pretty mushy. It wasn't mushy at all! It was super easy to throw together Saturday night, and then you just bake it off in the morning!

Soooo good!
This is the kind of breakfast you make for Christmas morning while presents are being opened. For birthday mornings. For special occasions, like the weekend. Make this ASAP. In fact, this might be the best thing I've ever found on Pinterest. For real.

Tuesday we had other friends over for dinner and to catch up. That's always a blast but I wanted to test more recipe pins. I made Mexican Chicken Casserole  (original recipe here) for dinner and Snickerdoodle Blondies for dessert.

I don't apparently have a photo of dinner but I really liked it overall. It was sort of like a mexican lasagna with the layering and cheese, but it came together pretty quickly. It was an automatic pin when I first saw it since it didn't call for rice (higher calories there) or beans (CC won't eat them). I think I'd like to try to make it again and jazz it up with more spice and maybe something else. It was good but I felt like it was missing something. CC hated it since he thought the flour tortillas were 'mushy' and it was 'too cheesy.' I will say it calls for a 2 quart dish but the photo shows a 3 quart dish, which is what I used. I might've gone with the 2 quart and just had it piled up higher. That part was pretty confusing. And it didn't call for salt or pepper so I did add that at one point.

Dessert however was a MUCH different story. It was a hit so big that this might be Hubby's new birthday request. Especially after he came up with the idea to heat up some caramel sauce and drizzle that bad boy all over. OH MY. Considering I baked something that wasn't blueberry-lemon or chocolate-pecan (my two fave combos), this was pretty incredible.

Original recipe here
Amazingness right there!

So yeah. I've been a PinterTesting fool this week. And it's not over yet! I'm working on a PinterTest surprise for you friends, and hopefully I can pull it off and share the big reveal later this weekend! Stay tuned!


Chris said...

Between the French toast and the blondies, I KNOW you're trying to fatten me up.

Jessica Johnson said...

You really DO pin ALLLLL the things. I love your effort. And your feedback. You are the best. And send me those blondies.

Jamie said...

Ok now I must try this Mexican casserole. Anything that includes Mexican and leftovers has my name written all over it.

And the French toast...yummmmmm. I love the stuff, just never make it because it seems to work intensive for how quickly I shovel it into my mouth.

Jamie said...

Ok, anything that is Mexican food and makes enough for leftovers has my name written all over it. Can't wait to try it!

French toast seems a bit too labor intensive in comparison to how quickly I shovel it into my mouth, but that stuff looks delicious!

Becky said...

We are snickerdoodle fans at our house, so I can bet those brownies are delicious!

Also, I don't like regular french toast, just the oven kind. The version you posted looks like a win to me!

{cuppakim} said...

yummm. if i ever make it out there you better bake all the things for me!