Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Mug Swap Recap: 2013 Edition!

This year as you know, I participated in Kim's third annual Mug Swap. It was fantastic as usual, but this year was a little bit different for me in that I got assigned TWO people to send to! I was a little nervous about that, wanting to devote focus and attention to making each awesome lady feel special. It was extra fun that one was a tea-lover and one was a coffee-lover, so I got to buy different things for each of them!

Here's what I got no-blog Heather, my tea-lover who loves the color green:

Tea goodies!
For Heather's mug I went a little out of the box and got this tea-strainer carafe travel thingy. I was nervous she might not like it since it wasn't an official mug, but she says she likes it, so I was relieved!

Here's what I got Esther, my coffee-lover from Costa Rica who lives in Jersey:

Coffee goodness!
I had a little trouble with finding just the right mug for Esther because she only had one mug from a long time ago, so stakes were high to find the perfect mug. I ended up finding two and couldn't decide so I just sent them both to her. Fortunately neither one broke so now she's got a lot of cheery happy up in her cabinet!

It's been neat getting to know both Heather and Esther- I'm glad we connected and I'm looking forward to more openly stalking their Insta-feeds now, instead of trying to be all covert! I kept wanting to comment or like their photos on Instagram and I had to be careful not to. So glad that's over! Haha!

And here's what it all looked like pre-post office trip:

Muggy Goodness is right!
On to my own muggy goodness! So what's really cool about Kim's highly-advanced, scientific method of pairing people together is that I have gotten some really cool people each and every swap! This year I was beyond excited to receive a mug from Kelli!

Happy mail, indeed!
I haven't come right out and stalked her before, but we have a lot of mutual friends on Instagram, and I am forever about to post a comment only to see she beat me to it to say the exact thing I was going to say! Which of course makes me think we'd be kindred spirits and share similar brain thoughts and stuff. Or so I don't sound creepy, that we'd be good friends if we could connect. But I haven't wanted her to think I'm nuts so I didn't friend her. Until NOW! Woohoo! She's really cool y'all! And look what she sent me!

Isn't that mug the cutest?!
(Why does our counter always look gross and ruin the lighting? At least the card is cute!)
I also decided to send Kim a little birthday/muggy goodness for her own, and I found the purr-fect card to go with it.
Kim loves cats, you see.
Happy close to another successful swappy year! I already can't wait for 2014! Remember if you participated to link up with Kim here!


{cuppakim} said...

i feel like you are spreading vicious (cat) rumors about me on this post. i may have to remove you from the linky. ;)

jk. thank you for your super lovely thoughtful gift. and for being an awesome mug swap participant!

Kelli said...

You're so cool too and I'm glad we connected through the swap. Great minds think alike ;) Love all of the thought you put into your mug recipients.

abickle said...

Wow! I'm really impressed by your generosity. 3 packages to give away, Way to go! And you picked the right thing for everyone. So thoughtful! This was my first mug swap. Really enjoyed it. Can't wait til next year. xo