Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Cupcake Run!

The Cupcake Run was last Saturday, and we were anxious about it all the way up until about five minutes before we did it. You see, in case you aren't aware (or following me on MFP), we've kinda been slacking in the health department for the last few months. Exercise has gone mostly by the wayside, and eating almost whatever we want especially on the weekends (and especially involving macarons!) has taken priority.

Well I am not happy about that any longer! I'm putting my foot down and saying no more! Fall is finally here so last weekend we were cold and stiff before the run. We just hoped to finish and not die or pass out before we got our cupcakes.

Cute little logo!
Doesn't it sound like the most amazing run on the planet? You run a little, you get a cute shirt and a cupcake. I was picturing tutus, rainbows and lots of purple, sparkles and glitter, and maybe a unicorn or two. The reality is that it's an actual 5k. Over three miles. And wouldn't you know it, the course was super hilly?!

Turns out we ended up running most of it just to survive! Yay us! There was a decent (not cheesy) warm-up for the group before the race, which helped loosen me up and get me ready to go. We did so well compared to how we thought we'd do, we were exuberant and really pumped to get healthy again by the end of the race!

Secretly I was pretty concerned they'd run out of cupcakes before we were done but they didn't. I got a chocolate cupcake and CC got a vanilla cupcake (because he's weird and doesn't like chocolate). Considering how expensive this 5k was, I was expecting a bigger cupcake- more like Gigi's size, but these were small, normal sized cupcakes. They were AMAZING though!

I'm hoping we do this run again next year and we'll be more fit to run it faster! In the meantime, I'm already scouting out our next 5k possibility so we can keep motivated.


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Meredith said...

Yay for running! Yay for cupcakes! Yay for Susan and CC!!