Thursday, September 05, 2013

Weekly Recap: Slasher Horror Edition

I'm not much for blood or gore. Or horror movies, or medical stories. Or really anything remotely, distantly-related to gross. Unless it's happened to me, personally, and then I can talk about it ad nauseum. Oh, be warned, if you're eating right now, you may want to stop.

Tuesday, CC called during lunch to ask if I could get our new insurance information because he needed it. (WHAT?!)

After I calmed down, I heard the tale of woe. Apparently, he was cutting an apple (being all HEALTHY!) for lunch and the knife slipped (cue dangerous warning music). He ended up gashing his left thumb pretty deeply and ended up with three stitches but a wound cut down to the muscle. (I hope you aren't eating at the moment.)

Poor Hubby!

He went to an urgent care near work (where he was at the time) and got all patched up. Unfortunately, this means he's still in quite a bit of pain and can't do a lot at home right now.

(We have Fall decorations to put out, people! I told him he didn't have to be so dramatic about getting out of putting up our decorations- he could've just said something, but nooooo.... CC had to be dramatic, with fanfare! Medical bills, stitches, and gauze- oh my!)

All patched up
This means our week of crazy has turned into survival mode with as much couch-potatoing as we can possibly cram in. Even Scout's on board with this plan.

The invalid
In other news, I realized when I saw today's date that today would've been my grandmother's birthday if she were still alive. I miss her like crazy still, so it's kind of a weird day.

The good thing though is that today's a great lead-in to a fun weekend, if Hubby's up for it. The weather this weekend's supposed to be pretty close to Fall and sunny, so I'm beyond excited! My 2014 Erin Condren planner has arrived and I can't wait to get it prepped and ready to go (yes, I realize it's September and my calendar doesn't start until January, but who cares!)! Sipping Starbucks and wearing sweatshirts and jeans- oh me oh my, I can't wait!!!!

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