Thursday, October 31, 2013

Consider Yourself Warned

So now that the cat's out of the bag, here's what else has been going on...

We had a massive yard sale with some friends this past weekend to raise money for our adoption fund... and we made almost $600! God is good.

Hubby is no longer managing at work, which is wonderful! He might be travelling still at some point, but we don't know when yet. Personally I'm hoping not until 2014. The best time of the year is here and I don't want him to miss out on all the Fally, pumpkiny goodness!

We have been going, going, going like gangbusters over here and this weekend we have no set plans and get to REST. Praise the Lord! Next week is CRAZY so we're going to enjoy this slow-moving weekend while we can.

I think I have a cold now. Boo! I hate colds. They wear a body out (or at least me) and then said body is not at all motivated or productive to get anything done.

And things have to get done, people!

Do you realize that since Thanksgiving is so late this year, there are literally LESS than four weeks between Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day? That is a very short shopping season, friends.

You've been warned: Christmas photos and cards to be mailed and sent out, gifts to be bought and wrapped (after putting so much thought into each gift), cookies to be made, carols to be sung, and on and on... all in less than four weeks. You better get on it now! I mean, Kohl's is already completely decorated as though Christmas threw up in there. And today's only Halloween. Kohl's is on the ball, apparently (or crazy).

I'm just sayin'... be warned how much time will fly for the rest of 2013.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


So it's about to get real up in here. Finally. It may take some time, but bear with me and I'll fill you in. This is the real deal about what's going on that I haven't been able to share with you until now.

I've been told multiple times to write all this down before I forget. So I'm writing and finally sharing it. God's been doing some amazing things in our lives and I hope I can do Him justice by sharing this with you.

You know how God's brought us to a place of no debt. That in and of itself was a long story and He deserves all praise and glory for that. It's amazing how, now that we're out of debt, He just continues to pour out more and more blessings upon us. I couldn't even fathom all that God's done and given to us, but the crazy thing is it hasn't just stopped! He keeps giving and giving and giving!

Now let me stop right here and clarify. I am NOT tooting our own horns and saying 'oh look how awesome we are that God's been so good to us!' What I AM saying is this: 'despite our screw-ups and despite all the crap we pull, God still loves us enough to give us these amazing blessings that we can then turn around and share with others.'

So back to the goings-on...

We got out of debt at the very beginning of April (early!) and CC FINALLY after waiting for almost two years, got his promotion with raise (May). Amazing!

My hours were mutually agreed upon to cut back (May) because I was pretty burned out. I thought I'd have to quit but God found a different solution. I couldn't be happier with this and it's going really well. The goal is to eventually work my regular 32 hour office workweek, and a little bit on Wednesday nights for rehearsals, BUT only one Sunday per month. This is a BIG deal when most of my job revolves around planning and preparation for Sunday morning services.

In the meantime, God's been leading us for quite a while in a direction that wasn't quite clear to us. Little by little He's been giving us baby steps to follow. We obey one thing and then He shows us another thing to do. This sounds confusing because I don't know how else to say this. Here goes...

The Lord has very clearly given us the heart for adoption and we are working our way through the process to bring home a baby!

I know, five hundred gazillion trillion questions probably just popped into your head, so I will try to answer them to the best of my ability. Feel free to ask more along the way.

The gist is this... all along this journey we've been praying He would lead the way clearly and close doors He doesn't want us to walk through. We've also especially been praying that He would keep Hubby and me in one accord, on the same page.

The most amazing thing to me so far actually is that God's answered these prayers and Hubby and I are very much and have been and continue to be always on the same page. By this I mean for example, that we went to an info meeting in April to learn more about the local county's foster-to-adopt program. We went in very excited about the possibility and BOTH came out feeling very much that that was not the path God has for us to start expanding our family.

We immediately started looking into other options and I only ever had one private adoption agency on my mind. The people there are fantastic and they come highly recommended. In fact, my dear friends helped found the agency back in the day!

I can't tell you how interesting it's been as we've journeyed along to slowly realize that we are literally surrounded by adoption: friends who were adopted, friends who have or are or did adopt, my 'virtual' blog friends who almost all seem to have a HUGE heart for adoption, friends with all kinds of parental issues, and on and on. CC calls it the 'new car syndrome:' You get a new car that you think isn't so popular and suddenly all you see on the road is the very car you bought. Not sure if that makes sense, but he explains it way better than I can.

Anyway, so all along He's been preparing us for this process (I mean really, who else do you know besides me that absolutely loves filling out forms? Yeah, I don't know anyone else either.)- financially (debt-free and saving), physically (we're in the best shape of our adult lives so far!), emotionally and mentally (giving us back capacity to be present at home- lighter workloads), and spiritually (He's leading the way and we're staying close to best hear Him).

So we've been following along as I've been saying and tentatively taking steps through open doors. Adoption is REALLY expensive and of course we don't have that much money just lying around. But we have this much money to fill out this application, and this much other money to do a home study, etcetera. Each of those qualifies as an open door, you see?

Feeling like SUCH grown-ups, what I haven't mentioned is yet another blessing God's done... CC's new(ish) job is going very well! That's right- an offer too good to pass up. Less stress, great pay, back to no management, in the field that he's greatly passionate about, doing what he loves. Seriously, an awesome opportunity.

All this to say, it's been an incredible ride and we're just getting started! I can't wait to share more of what all God's doing and this is just the beginning!

In the meantime, please join us in praying for all involved, especially the birthmother we do not know who will be making such a sacrifice. Pray she feels His love and comfort and peace through all of this. Pray that the Lord will continue to prepare us to be best equipped to raise this little person He'll be entrusting to us. And most of all, please pray that HE alone will be glorified through our journey.

Monday, October 14, 2013

This Week

If we can just make it through this week, I think we'll be alright.

After three years of being home, CC's finally back to travelling for work.

Now before we go on, I know we've got it way better than other couples with work travel stuff. I'm not knocking that, but this girl gets massively cranky over any trip longer than two nights away. Poor CC! When he comes home I'm so excited and happy he's home, but cranky that he had to be gone in the first place. Since I remember that I was like this before, I'm hoping I can nip it in the bud and not be cranky this go-round.

I've got work and a few other things planned to fill the time and Scout to keep me company, and vacation (staycation) starts this weekend, so there's lots to look forward to. The fair is next week, plus a Tomlin concert I've been dying to go to, and some other fun things. I'm hoping and praying this week flies by and it'll be Friday before I know it.

But in the meantime, if we can just make it through this week...

Friday, October 11, 2013

You're Welcome.

I'm not cool enough to be ahead of the times, but I'm really good at being behind the times. I heard about this video today (which has apparently been viral for at least the last month) and found it hilarious.

What's hysterical to me is how SERIOUS they are about really, really, REALLY needing to know what a fox sounds like. I hope you enjoy it, especially because the song will be stuck in your head for about the next six years.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Let's Look At The Good, Shall We?

This week the weather here is finally cool for Fall, which is awesome, but has led to crazy weather-related migraines. Nothing, praise the Lord, like a couple weeks ago, but no fun regardless of their severity.

Except for that though, it's been a pretty good week. Let's review, shall we?

Today I got a free coffee delivery at work during a migraine. There's nothing better except being home in the dark in jammies so that rocked big-time.

I'm terrified to say I've discovered the T25 workout DVDs. I really want them, but since they're so expensive, I'm sitting on it for now. Hopefully in the near future I can get them. I really need people I don't know telling me how possible it is for me to lose inches and gain strength. Ha!

I got to see Cindy a second time, which was equally as incredibly fun as the first time. I'm sad she had to go home but I like that we said see ya next time and not a final goodbye.

Ran across these old gems this week...

We miss these guys tons.
Had some fantastic meetings I was nervous about go very well, so that's always good.

Pumpkin-Pecan Bread. Pumpkin-Brown Butter Cupcakes. Pintertesting. All is right with the world.

We know the cutest little girls!
The farmers' market is happening tomorrow which means homemade applesauce will happen soon.

I love this chick.
I've mostly mastered my new hairstyle and am pretty decent at recreating the salon experience, I think. The color's awesome and even though it's fading more quickly than I'd like, I am REALLY digging the bright red highlights!

Not too shabby, I'd say. I'm ignoring the fact that CC's travelling for work next week by trying to make this the most fun weekend ever in the history of weekends. Which basically means that overnight french toast might have to happen again. (It was GOOD, y'all!)

Monday, October 07, 2013

A Cali Visit!

I love when 'fake friends' become REAL friends! You know, blog/social media friends you've never officially met in person (in real life).

Isn't she gorgeous?
I got to meet Cindy Saturday for coffee and breakfast, and I am ridiculously still so excited about it. Did you know she's a real person?! Not just a picture on Instagram or on a blog, but a real, live person that I now know!

Breakfast of Champions

I loved hanging out with Cindy, as I'm told most people do. I loved that she was nervous about meeting me like I was about her. I loved that she was up-front about not wanting me to force-feed her grits. I loved that we both decided awkward silences would be okay and then there were none. I loved that we had some extra things in common we didn't know about. I love that she stalked my blog before we met just like I stalked hers.

I love that she mentioned getting coffee later this week if it works out. I love when Cali friends venture into the unknown territory of the South and come out enjoying it. I love that Cindy liked our local coffee shop as much as I do. I loved getting to meet her friend, Kimberly, who was super sweet and kind.

I love that Cindy prayed over our food so I got to hear even more of her heart for Jesus. I love that she ordered us pumpkin donuts to share. I love that she was interested in seeing our main campus building since Hope (her church) is praying for a building of their very own. I love that she was excited I brought her pumpkin cupcakes and that she even liked them. Haha!

Basically I just had a blast and enjoyed very much getting to meet and know Cindy better. It's still amazing to me that I have such great friends I might have otherwise (without technology) never have even known existed! To meet in person is just icing on the proverbial cake! (This was especially a super cool blessing for me because CC and I tried to visit California over the summer and it didn't work out. To have a friend from there come all the way to where I am was just such a neat God thing!)

Still excited!

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

What Day Is It, Exactly?

So today when I woke up I thought it was Friday. Which meant I was beyond disappointed when I realized it was Wednesday. My long workday. And when I got out of bed, my feet were KILLING me.

Apparently spending last night cooking and prepping meals for five hours to freeze was rough physically. I feel for the chefs who do this all the time. BUT... we have lots to show for it!
Five meals right there!
Ina's Mexican Chicken Soup on the left (my fave), Spicy Spaghetti there in the back with more soup (my other fave), Jamaican Pork Stirfry in one of those bags, and two chicken dishes I can't really remember right now. Lots of dinners and lunch portions already prepped and ready- that should help me jump back in to healthy eating much more easily!

Anyway, I was especially sad it's not Friday because guess what I'm doing on Saturday, only one day after Friday?! I am SOOOOOO excited I can't stand myself!

You guys. I get to meet another blog friend in REAL life! Woohoo! Cindy's coming to town to visit a friend who lives here and I get to benefit! Yippee!

I hope my South does her justice; she's not really ever been and I hope we make a great impression. Have I mentioned how excited I am?!