Monday, October 07, 2013

A Cali Visit!

I love when 'fake friends' become REAL friends! You know, blog/social media friends you've never officially met in person (in real life).

Isn't she gorgeous?
I got to meet Cindy Saturday for coffee and breakfast, and I am ridiculously still so excited about it. Did you know she's a real person?! Not just a picture on Instagram or on a blog, but a real, live person that I now know!

Breakfast of Champions

I loved hanging out with Cindy, as I'm told most people do. I loved that she was nervous about meeting me like I was about her. I loved that she was up-front about not wanting me to force-feed her grits. I loved that we both decided awkward silences would be okay and then there were none. I loved that we had some extra things in common we didn't know about. I love that she stalked my blog before we met just like I stalked hers.

I love that she mentioned getting coffee later this week if it works out. I love when Cali friends venture into the unknown territory of the South and come out enjoying it. I love that Cindy liked our local coffee shop as much as I do. I loved getting to meet her friend, Kimberly, who was super sweet and kind.

I love that Cindy prayed over our food so I got to hear even more of her heart for Jesus. I love that she ordered us pumpkin donuts to share. I love that she was interested in seeing our main campus building since Hope (her church) is praying for a building of their very own. I love that she was excited I brought her pumpkin cupcakes and that she even liked them. Haha!

Basically I just had a blast and enjoyed very much getting to meet and know Cindy better. It's still amazing to me that I have such great friends I might have otherwise (without technology) never have even known existed! To meet in person is just icing on the proverbial cake! (This was especially a super cool blessing for me because CC and I tried to visit California over the summer and it didn't work out. To have a friend from there come all the way to where I am was just such a neat God thing!)

Still excited!

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{cuppakim} said...

so... i commented on this when you first published but i think my ipad hated me and it didn't go through! i'm so happy you and cindy got to meet face to face. and nobody killed anybody. (you never know what happens when you meet someone from the internet).

north carolina. so beautiful.
so awesome.
such lovely people. :)

this makes my heart so happy!