Wednesday, October 02, 2013

What Day Is It, Exactly?

So today when I woke up I thought it was Friday. Which meant I was beyond disappointed when I realized it was Wednesday. My long workday. And when I got out of bed, my feet were KILLING me.

Apparently spending last night cooking and prepping meals for five hours to freeze was rough physically. I feel for the chefs who do this all the time. BUT... we have lots to show for it!
Five meals right there!
Ina's Mexican Chicken Soup on the left (my fave), Spicy Spaghetti there in the back with more soup (my other fave), Jamaican Pork Stirfry in one of those bags, and two chicken dishes I can't really remember right now. Lots of dinners and lunch portions already prepped and ready- that should help me jump back in to healthy eating much more easily!

Anyway, I was especially sad it's not Friday because guess what I'm doing on Saturday, only one day after Friday?! I am SOOOOOO excited I can't stand myself!

You guys. I get to meet another blog friend in REAL life! Woohoo! Cindy's coming to town to visit a friend who lives here and I get to benefit! Yippee!

I hope my South does her justice; she's not really ever been and I hope we make a great impression. Have I mentioned how excited I am?!

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