Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Update Number Five Hundred Eighteen Thousand

Whew! Poor bloggie is forever in catch-up mode.

Heading into Thanksgiving we are having not one but TWO meals that we're cooking for. (Yes, we're a little nuts, apparently.) We are excited though and can't wait to eat serve all that yummy food and see friends and family.

Last week I was really stressed out about a particular situation. I couldn't sleep one night, the situation was CONSTANTLY on my mind, it was all I could talk complain about, yada yada yada. My sweet CC called me out over the weekend and reminded me that nothing had actually happened; that I was the crazy one (said super sweetly and lovingly and tactfully), projecting old crazy onto current people. I chewed on that for a couple days and then the sermon at church was about justice. Letting God handle situations and people that drive you batty, not just taking it upon yourself to put those people in their places. It kinda went hand in hand with what CC had told me so I had to listen once God weighed in.

Needless to say, this week is going much more smoothly and while I'm still a little bit worried, I'm trying to give it to the Lord each time I think about it. It's kind of nice that it's a crazy busy week with Thanksgiving and all, so that I'm not thinking about it all the time.

And now to switch gears on you, an adoption update:
We heard from our social worker Sunday that she's 'finishing up' our homestudy. Eeeeeeeee!!!! I'm so excited!

We still have more than half of our puzzle left 'for sale' so if you're interested, please see the details under the Adoption Fundraising tab at the top of this page. If you signed up for pieces but haven't paid yet, we would greatly appreciate your doing that. I know I've emailed everyone who signed up, but I think my emails are getting stuck in spam folders, so please check there and email me back!

As a reminder, our sweet friend is also donating 20% of her cookie business profits to our adoption fund. Click the badge on the right to find out more!

Obviously our ideal goal is to have enough money together once we go on the waiting list that we don't have to have the agency wait to show our profile book to a birthmother. (If we don't have the money together, we will ask them to wait, which means we won't be considered for a placement.)

Isn't it wonderful how God is so faithful?! We know He will provide, we're just waiting on the when.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What We've Been Up To

I'm going to TRY and write a post without talking about our adoption for those of you who might want a break. Before I do that though... do you see the badge over here to the right? >>>>>>>>

Guess what that's about? Our very dear, best, awesomest friends ever are donating a portion of their cookie business sales directly to our adoption fund! How incredible is that?! Her cookies taste amazing and look fantastic, so be sure you get your order in ASAP before she's all booked up! (You can read more about it here!)

Okay, now on to the actual official post!


This week as I mentioned previously has been less chaotic than last week, which is wonderful. But then I went and did something dumb.

So this Focus T25 workout situation is no joke. We're in the midst of week three and I can already tell my body, while mad at me, is coming around. Slowly, but coming around. However I'm going to tell you right now that that Shaun T is a LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!

'25 minutes a day for only 5 days,' he says (LIE).

Truth #1: 25 minutes does NOT include the cooldown which trust me, you desperately need after he kicks you around for that long. So, THIRTY minutes.

Truth #2: It's not five days; it's six and a half days. Monday through Friday you do workouts, Saturday you weigh and measure yourself, and Sunday you are supposed to do a 'stretch' workout. That is SIX days of working out people.

Truth #3: On Fridays you're supposed to do TWO workouts back to back. 'Don't worry,' Shaun T says, 'If you can't do the second workout on Friday, just do it some other time over the weekend.' LIAR. That means you are supposed to be doing a total of SEVEN workouts each week. That is NOT five days a week, my friends.

Anyway back to my dumb behavior- Last Friday I did the two workouts back to back for the first time.... and proceeded to not do absolutely anything else the entire rest of the day because it wore me out so much (except read Allegiant, but I digress.).

So this week I decided I'd do my extra Friday workout earlier in the week to get it over with. Smart, right? Yeah, not so much. I also hadn't done the Stretch workout yet and thought I'd check that out. So yesterday CC got me up before the sun to work out, then after work, I came home and did not just a second workout, but also the stretch workout. I felt on top of the world! I'd worked out THREE times yesterday! Who's the woman?! Woohoo! I'm invincible!

And then... and then.... AND THEN! That dude got me up again this morning to work out again! It did not go as well as yesterday, let me tell you. Dumb.

The good news is my extra workout is done for this week. The bad news is I can't walk standing straight up. That's okay, right? Nobody minds if I am a hunchback this week, right?

Here's what else we've been up to, in case you're wondering...

This past Saturday we went Christmas shopping. Yep, we're almost done. (Yes, you can hate us now. Hey, we're just trying to be proactive in case we get a placement before Christmas. That would be amazing!)
This will be SO TRUE.
Christmas is taking shape at church/work. I love it!
The giant Christmas tree. Or rather, the bottom of an enormous tree.
About twice a year I act like a grown-up and eat a banana, which I absolutely hate. I wish chocolate cake helped with leg cramps, but unfortunately it doesn't.
Gross gross gross gross gross!
I'm sorry, REI, but I'm on to your game. Chili pepper and baked apple are the SAME color!
I'm not falling for it.
This diva-monster has decided crates are for puppies and she's old enough to not need one at night any more. Our little girl is growing up!
Dragon breath is right!
We almost had a chance for a flurry in November. It was a big deal. Never saw one. I'm praying daily for a white Christmas. DAILY.

In the meantime, Starbucks is coming through for me during slow sleepy afternoons. BOGO Christmas in a red cup? Yes, please!
Happy happy!

Monday, November 11, 2013


Last week as you now know, was intense! So much going on, the whole week felt very adoption-centered. Which meant it was a fun but busy week!

You know about how our adoption meeting at church went, but the other event we went to this week was our agency's annual fundraising banquet.  CC wrote a fantastic recap about it so I'll just share what he wrote:

We got all dressed up and had a great time! 

Fancy grown-ups!
We were a bit nervous about going, not knowing what to expect and if we'd know anyone there, but God showed up BIG time!  We were all assigned tables and at our table was a couple that we met at our training who we really enjoy, a couple from our church!, and a couple that Susan had found out were coming through a mutual friend.  I have no idea how those seating arrangements came about other than God.  We had a really great time talking to the other three couples and were almost the last ones to leave because we were having so much fun talking!

We've also had a ton of fun with all the responses we've gotten to our puzzle fundraiser!  So far people have pledged 163 pieces!  Leave a comment or email us with your name and email if you're interested in "buying" any pieces.  We won't publish your information, it will only go to us.  Here's a picture with the remaining available pieces:

God is just repeatedly amazing us over and over again. The blessings that have been pouring in are fantastic things we wouldn't have imagined would happen. It's been a pretty fun ride so far and we just keep looking forward to the next part of our story! This week is a little less intense in that we don't have something every night this week. We're looking forward to continuing to work on our profile book and keep up with the puzzle.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The Latest & Greatest

This week feels crazy because we have something going on every day. And the day(s?) we don't officially have anything going on, work's been a little abnormal.

The pastors have been gone on their annual beach retreat this week, which typically means I have tons and tons of time to get projects and other things done while they're gone that I usually have to put off during the busy times. This week all that down time has flown out the window, due to weird and bizarre circumstances. And now the pastors are back today and work life returns to normal. Or, returns to the crazy that is preparing for Christmas when you work at your church. It's fun, but BUSY!

Last night we went to our first adoption ministry meeting at church. The room was PACKED with tons of interested folks, which was really neat! The downside is it was an info meeting geared more to general info for those folks just starting the process. We left and CC and I both felt like we could've taught the class. (We sound snooty but really we just kept wanting to pipe in with our own two cents- but we didn't, so that's good. It's just that we're so far along in the process compared to everyone else, so we felt like we could share if asked.)

Tomorrow night we're attending our agency's fundraiser banquet (which just means we'll pretend to be fancy schmancy people so we can eat a wonderful meal and hear a really cool speaker). I'm pretty excited about it!

I know now that it's public knowledge, I'll be talking a lot about our adoption, and I hope you're okay with that. We're pretty ding dang excited about it and since that's the BIG thing in our lives right now, that's what's on my mind to share about.

To that end, you may have noticed the new section at the top of this here blog, called Adoption Fundraising. If you click that link, you'll be able to read all about our current fundraising opportunity should you feel the Lord leading you to support us in that way. No pressure, no obligation.

In the meantime amidst all that busyness, Hubby and I are on week two of Focus T25. And we huurrrtttt!!! But it's a good hurt, you know what I mean? I haven't lost any weight really but I can tell changes are happening which is exciting! I'm hoping to lose bunches of inches like all those testimonials say will happen. Or at least finally find out I have arm muscles! We'll see.

So that's what's new with me. How're you? I feel very out of the loop lately, for some reason. Fill me in, friends!