Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Update Number Five Hundred Eighteen Thousand

Whew! Poor bloggie is forever in catch-up mode.

Heading into Thanksgiving we are having not one but TWO meals that we're cooking for. (Yes, we're a little nuts, apparently.) We are excited though and can't wait to eat serve all that yummy food and see friends and family.

Last week I was really stressed out about a particular situation. I couldn't sleep one night, the situation was CONSTANTLY on my mind, it was all I could talk complain about, yada yada yada. My sweet CC called me out over the weekend and reminded me that nothing had actually happened; that I was the crazy one (said super sweetly and lovingly and tactfully), projecting old crazy onto current people. I chewed on that for a couple days and then the sermon at church was about justice. Letting God handle situations and people that drive you batty, not just taking it upon yourself to put those people in their places. It kinda went hand in hand with what CC had told me so I had to listen once God weighed in.

Needless to say, this week is going much more smoothly and while I'm still a little bit worried, I'm trying to give it to the Lord each time I think about it. It's kind of nice that it's a crazy busy week with Thanksgiving and all, so that I'm not thinking about it all the time.

And now to switch gears on you, an adoption update:
We heard from our social worker Sunday that she's 'finishing up' our homestudy. Eeeeeeeee!!!! I'm so excited!

We still have more than half of our puzzle left 'for sale' so if you're interested, please see the details under the Adoption Fundraising tab at the top of this page. If you signed up for pieces but haven't paid yet, we would greatly appreciate your doing that. I know I've emailed everyone who signed up, but I think my emails are getting stuck in spam folders, so please check there and email me back!

As a reminder, our sweet friend is also donating 20% of her cookie business profits to our adoption fund. Click the badge on the right to find out more!

Obviously our ideal goal is to have enough money together once we go on the waiting list that we don't have to have the agency wait to show our profile book to a birthmother. (If we don't have the money together, we will ask them to wait, which means we won't be considered for a placement.)

Isn't it wonderful how God is so faithful?! We know He will provide, we're just waiting on the when.

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