Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What We've Been Up To

I'm going to TRY and write a post without talking about our adoption for those of you who might want a break. Before I do that though... do you see the badge over here to the right? >>>>>>>>

Guess what that's about? Our very dear, best, awesomest friends ever are donating a portion of their cookie business sales directly to our adoption fund! How incredible is that?! Her cookies taste amazing and look fantastic, so be sure you get your order in ASAP before she's all booked up! (You can read more about it here!)

Okay, now on to the actual official post!


This week as I mentioned previously has been less chaotic than last week, which is wonderful. But then I went and did something dumb.

So this Focus T25 workout situation is no joke. We're in the midst of week three and I can already tell my body, while mad at me, is coming around. Slowly, but coming around. However I'm going to tell you right now that that Shaun T is a LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!

'25 minutes a day for only 5 days,' he says (LIE).

Truth #1: 25 minutes does NOT include the cooldown which trust me, you desperately need after he kicks you around for that long. So, THIRTY minutes.

Truth #2: It's not five days; it's six and a half days. Monday through Friday you do workouts, Saturday you weigh and measure yourself, and Sunday you are supposed to do a 'stretch' workout. That is SIX days of working out people.

Truth #3: On Fridays you're supposed to do TWO workouts back to back. 'Don't worry,' Shaun T says, 'If you can't do the second workout on Friday, just do it some other time over the weekend.' LIAR. That means you are supposed to be doing a total of SEVEN workouts each week. That is NOT five days a week, my friends.

Anyway back to my dumb behavior- Last Friday I did the two workouts back to back for the first time.... and proceeded to not do absolutely anything else the entire rest of the day because it wore me out so much (except read Allegiant, but I digress.).

So this week I decided I'd do my extra Friday workout earlier in the week to get it over with. Smart, right? Yeah, not so much. I also hadn't done the Stretch workout yet and thought I'd check that out. So yesterday CC got me up before the sun to work out, then after work, I came home and did not just a second workout, but also the stretch workout. I felt on top of the world! I'd worked out THREE times yesterday! Who's the woman?! Woohoo! I'm invincible!

And then... and then.... AND THEN! That dude got me up again this morning to work out again! It did not go as well as yesterday, let me tell you. Dumb.

The good news is my extra workout is done for this week. The bad news is I can't walk standing straight up. That's okay, right? Nobody minds if I am a hunchback this week, right?

Here's what else we've been up to, in case you're wondering...

This past Saturday we went Christmas shopping. Yep, we're almost done. (Yes, you can hate us now. Hey, we're just trying to be proactive in case we get a placement before Christmas. That would be amazing!)
This will be SO TRUE.
Christmas is taking shape at church/work. I love it!
The giant Christmas tree. Or rather, the bottom of an enormous tree.
About twice a year I act like a grown-up and eat a banana, which I absolutely hate. I wish chocolate cake helped with leg cramps, but unfortunately it doesn't.
Gross gross gross gross gross!
I'm sorry, REI, but I'm on to your game. Chili pepper and baked apple are the SAME color!
I'm not falling for it.
This diva-monster has decided crates are for puppies and she's old enough to not need one at night any more. Our little girl is growing up!
Dragon breath is right!
We almost had a chance for a flurry in November. It was a big deal. Never saw one. I'm praying daily for a white Christmas. DAILY.

In the meantime, Starbucks is coming through for me during slow sleepy afternoons. BOGO Christmas in a red cup? Yes, please!
Happy happy!

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