Monday, November 11, 2013


Last week as you now know, was intense! So much going on, the whole week felt very adoption-centered. Which meant it was a fun but busy week!

You know about how our adoption meeting at church went, but the other event we went to this week was our agency's annual fundraising banquet.  CC wrote a fantastic recap about it so I'll just share what he wrote:

We got all dressed up and had a great time! 

Fancy grown-ups!
We were a bit nervous about going, not knowing what to expect and if we'd know anyone there, but God showed up BIG time!  We were all assigned tables and at our table was a couple that we met at our training who we really enjoy, a couple from our church!, and a couple that Susan had found out were coming through a mutual friend.  I have no idea how those seating arrangements came about other than God.  We had a really great time talking to the other three couples and were almost the last ones to leave because we were having so much fun talking!

We've also had a ton of fun with all the responses we've gotten to our puzzle fundraiser!  So far people have pledged 163 pieces!  Leave a comment or email us with your name and email if you're interested in "buying" any pieces.  We won't publish your information, it will only go to us.  Here's a picture with the remaining available pieces:

God is just repeatedly amazing us over and over again. The blessings that have been pouring in are fantastic things we wouldn't have imagined would happen. It's been a pretty fun ride so far and we just keep looking forward to the next part of our story! This week is a little less intense in that we don't have something every night this week. We're looking forward to continuing to work on our profile book and keep up with the puzzle.

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