Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Adoption Update!

I haven't updated about where we are in our adoption process in a while, so I thought I'd catch you up! Yay! (Also since this serves as my journal, I need to update myself!)

In early December our homestudy was officially approved! This provided a huge sigh of relief as this was the final signing of the dotted line, so to speak.

We didn't go on the waiting list because we didn't have all our money together at that time. I was kind of bummed to not be on the list for Christmas, but it worked out since Scout was so sick and I was stressed enough without wondering if we'd get THE call so quickly.

(To remind you/me: Being on the waiting list means all we are waiting for is THE call telling us a birthfamily has chosen us to be their child's parents and we get our placement- physical custody of our child.)
The Lord has still been providing the funds!
In the meantime, our dear friend Krista helped us get registered at Target and Babies R Us so we're good to go there.

I think CC wanted to register for this carseat- it had a cape and everything!
Krista was VERY helpful in helping us register for things we could use if we get a baby or a toddler. We didn't register for clothes or diapers since a) we don't know sizes, and b) she says once we have our person, folks will give us both regardless, which is great news to us!

Also in the meantime after Christmas, CC's parents surprised us with 'shower' cookies that were sooooo amazingly delicious and super cute- our first baby gifts, officially! (By the way, our fundraiser with Baked Happy was wonderfully successful! Thank you!!!!)

'Can't wait to meet our future buckaroo!'

They wanted to be here for at least one shower so they 'showered' us with cookies and it was a wonderful treat and a fun surprise!

At the end of December, we had saved enough money to go on the waiting list! Yay! Our agency was closed for the holidays until the 2nd, so we officially went on the waiting list about one month after our homestudy was approved (not too shabby!).

We're thrilled to finally be in the waiting stage of this process, but boy am I just now realizing all we still need to do to be as prepared as possible. I've borrowed a couple books from the Kids' Ministry folks here at church and am trying to read about the first year of life, since my main concern at this point is how to keep a new person alive.


We still have to find a pediatrician and all kinds of stuff like that. There's so much! But it's all interesting and fun at the same time.

I've been stocking our freezer either for our new kiddo's first days with us or for the snow blizzard that I'm praying for.
For those of you wondering, we ARE still fundraising for the final adoption fee. While we technically have the money, that final fee would kill our savings account if we got THE call anytime soon, which is why we're still fundraising to hopefully raise enough money that we don't have to drain our savings account.

There are currently two ways we are fundraising. The first is our puzzle piece fundraiser, which is going strong- we still have just about 200 pieces left to 'sell.' If you're interested in that, visit the 'adoption fundraising' tab at the top of this blog for the details and nitty-gritty.

The pieces left to be 'sold'

The second way we are raising funds at the moment is we are receiving a portion of the sales from here. My friend Joy's son, Riley, is a very cool and special kid. He wants to be a graphic artist when he's grown up (right now he's a teenager), but you see he's got some serious eye issues going on. (You can read more about that on Joy's blog if you're interested.)

I never had the serious issues Riley's dealt with, but some of you remember that I had eye surgery when I was 16 which left me with some not so fun life-long side effects. I am not at all trying to compare myself to this situation except to say that I can understand a little tiny bit of what Riley's feeling and going through, and it helps me know how to more specifically pray for him and their family.

The cool thing is that Riley and some friends are selling digital prints of their artwork for five bucks each (that's cheaper than a puzzle piece!). Riley gets to keep part of it, part of the sales go toward a 'cause of the month,' and the rest of the funds are used for Riley's medical expenses. I think it's a great idea! Guess what?! Our adoption fund is the 'cause of the month' for January, so we are getting a portion of the sale money! It's really cool and totally God-orchestrated, but I am most hopeful that lots of prints sell to encourage Riley and his family. Will you consider supporting Riley and his dream of being a graphic artist? You can check out their shop here.

I think that's everything for now. My cell phone is permanently attached to my side 24/7 just so we don't miss a call from our agency. Will you please continue to join us in praying for our birthfamily? It was heavy on our hearts this Christmas that they were probably dealing with some pretty heavy decisions to be made over Christmas. We are praying for wisdom, clarity in their decision-making, and support, comfort, and guidance for all involved. Obviously we are also praying that God would be revealed and the Lord would be glorified through this hard time for them.

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