Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?

I know most of the entire country is over snow, but we are due for our first true trace of snow today and


Truly, I turn into a four-year-old when it comes to snow. Every year during winter, I pray daily for snow- a blizzard, if I pray harder. I've been singing that song from the Frozen movie for the last three weeks... "Do you wanna build a snowmannnnn?"

I'm so excited!!! We're hoping for an inch (yes, a single inch) of snow if we're lucky. The entire area will shut down if that happens (or maybe if it doesn't), due to the snow changing to black ice overnight.

Ice is the biggie here- that's what folks really freak out about. Ice is or at least can be so very dangerous. By that time though hopefully CC and I will both be snuggled up at home safe with Scoutaki eating soup from the freezer (prepared just for this situation) and watching Biggest Loser tonight on tv. Happy sigh! Bliss.


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Anonymous said...

How was the movie Frozen? One of my friends loves it. I think I've listened to "Let It Go" about a million times on youtube.