Tuesday, January 07, 2014

My Christmas 2013 Recap

Hello friends! It's been a while and I've missed you. I wanted to recap Christmas for you if you don't mind.

Basically after a successful but exhausting Christmas Unwrapped, we were on 'vacation.' I say it in quotes because Scout got SICK and we basically took care of her for the last month.

Vet visit after vet visit, sicko dog after sicko dog... as high maintenance as Scout can be, she's never in her almost five years of life ever truly been sick. Well, she's now made up for all of that. We now completely understand the whole 'sick as a dog' expression. What we thought was an upper respiratory something turned out (after two and a half weeks of drugs and vet visits) to be some serious allergies. Then the back end of her got sick and then we had to deal with that. Let's just say she FINALLY seems to be back to her old self, praise the Lord!

I added up how much we spent on her in December and it was almost $500. Unbudgeted, unplanned dollars. I am SO thankful for our emergency fund! (we've since had to spend another $250 or so on her as well). (Basically each visit she ended up getting a different treatment plan which negated the meds we'd already purchased for her, which is what ran up the costs.) But like I said, she's finally appearing to be back to normal. Yay!

It was interesting training for our future kid though. I won't give you the details but let's just say we were up every two hours throughout several nights at one point to take care of her. Well I should say I woke up enough to wake up CC who then took care of getting Scouty outside in time, so CC really did the bulk of the night duties. (duties? good grief.)

And oh yeah, our washer broke the day after Christmas and we had to get that repaired. Fortunately we didn't have to buy a new washer, but be warned: around year 12, the lid switch mechanism apparently is known to give out to the tune of $150. Consider this your PSA.

Moving on... the good parts of Christmas included almost all of Hubby's family being in town, which was WONDERFUL. We're all never together often enough to suit any of us, so we took serious advantage.

One of the highlights was that all of us kids went bowling and ate lunch one day. We had such a great time it might have to become tradition!

We saw movies, (I) suffered through many Dr. Who marathon episodes as well as the new ones, sang along to the Frozen soundtrack (which I STILL can't get out of my head), and generally lazed about and ate lots of cookies.

We were in the middle of Focus T25 Beta if you recall before Christmas Unwrapped... yeah, we took two weeks off that turned into three weeks that turned into a mutual, 'Hey, let's get back into running since that's what we actually enjoy and come back to T25 some other time' which turned into four weeks which is now attempting to get back to running (hey I ran once last week!) and better eating (which as we all know is the real problem here).

So that is the very short gist of what our Christmas looked like. Cue photo dump...

Our tree that may or may not have made Scout deathly ill
She was all about some Christmas spirit this year!
Meredith gifted us with mason jar tumblers full of cookies! SO yummy!
How we bond in this modern age
Cutest sicko I ever saw
Mama T and me at the Christmas Eve Service
This year's candlelight service became a glow-stick service that was awesome!
Our little family of stockings
Facetime rocks, just sayin'
The hairiest these men will ever be. Seriously, ever.
I mean, come on...
Our nontraditional selves had lasagna for Christmas dinner. I highly recommend it.
Obligatory but awesomely super red Christmas family photo
Bowling men
Bowling ladies
The front of our Christmas card
The back of our Christmas card
Even her nose changed color, bless her heart!
BEST baby gift yet!
My New Year's Eve dinner. Oh the irony!
We were in bed and out cold by 11 on New Year's. We're hardcore that way.
New heart rate monitors for each of us! I told you I've run once!
Rockin' her sweater hoodie in the cutest way possible.
Finally back to almost normal

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