Thursday, January 09, 2014

Only Our Dog...

I know my Christmas recap post was a bit long, but I thought it worth recapping this one part of our last couple weeks...

Poor baby girl
Did you catch these photos from before that show that Scout's nose actually CHANGED COLOR AND TURNED PINK OVERNIGHT?!

What the what?!?
So bizarre
Literally overnight. No exaggeration. Literally she had a black nose at bedtime, and the next morning when she got up it was pink.

At first we thought maybe since she was so sick she'd literally licked the black off her nose (if that's even possible), but apparently that wasn't the case. Even weirder was that there were no wounds, or cuts, or scabs, on her nose, so there was truly no clue why her nose had changed color.

I called the vet that day because that seemed kind of freaky to us, and the vet was all 'oh sounds like a severe allergic reaction; she'll be fine.' WHAT?! I asked if we should bring her in and they said 'only if you feel like you want to.' WHAT?!

(Note: We've been seriously considering switching vets for the last few months, but then we found their last chance to redeem themselves with a killer amazing vet we finally got to see, so for now we're staying put, reluctantly.)

So we went back last weekend for her follow-up visit to all the sickness plaguing our puppy and we asked the really good vet what she thought. She did bloodwork, took photos of Scout's nose, did all kinds of things to be sure Scout's really alright... she even emailed her doggy dermatologist buddy at the vet school to ask their input (see, she's really good!)... she even had me email her so she could email me what the dermatologist had to say...

Turns out for now we think it's just a flukey, benign situation Scout's dealing with, which just figures. Weird stuff happens to us all the time, so it makes perfect sense that this would also happen to Scout. God has the funniest sense of humor when it comes to these things!

Her nose slowly seems to be gaining back some of its natural black color, so we will see, but we all may have to get used to our dog having a half-pink, half-black nose. She sure has been through the ringer this past month!

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{cuppakim} said...

awwww. poor scout! i've seen pups with pink noses from sunburns!

mylie actually has a pink spot - which we finally realized is from her orange "treat ball" that we feed her with - she nudges with the same point of her nose the whole time causing friction and making it pink!

just before christmas i noticed it wasn't just pink but raw and starting to bleed - poor girl will do anything for food! so i had to confiscate it and put her back to a boring bowl eating routine.