Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pediatrician? Check!

Last night we were supposed to check out a pediatric office for our upcoming child. Of course with the weather what it was supposed to be, we didn't know until the last minute if orientation would be cancelled or not.

We were supposed to get freezing rain in the afternoon, which would change over to snow around dinnertime. We both went home early from work and everything just to avoid the crazies during rush hour. Turns out NOTHING fell from the sky until around 6:30, when we were wrapping up our meeting at the doctors' office. Which was good and a bummer, since I'd rather be home in uncertain weather.

We also ended up getting in a mini-date to Starbucks since we were so early for the meeting.
Coffee and a fireplace
That was nice, especially when the doctor suggested we live it up now since a baby will change everything! A good reminder for us to be savoring our time together now, and not just wishing us into the next chapter of our lives.

Regarding the pediatrician, we'd collected several recommendations from various friends, checked out the websites, compared info and insurance stuff, looked at locations, and finally narrowed our options down to two different offices. Part of our issue is that we hope to buy a house in the next year or two which means our location will probably change- meaning we need a pediatrician more centrally located to where we think we might buy a home in the future.

One office is more of a collaborative effort and is in a fabulous location! They have several doctors and weekend sick child hours. The other office has only one doctor who really knows your child, which I like, but she's not very available, so that option didn't seem practical for our needs.

We decided to check out the first office and if we liked it and felt good about it, we'd just use them. If we were still unsure, we'd check out more places.

The office is bright and open and the staff is super friendly. I like that they have the well-child side and the sick-child side. The doctor who led our orientation was a perfect fit for us- we really liked her and she made us feel very comfortable with the practice in general. Overall, we left both on the same page (yay!) that we could happily check off that we'd found our pediatrician. Awesome!

Especially good because the closer we get to parenthood, the more undone we feel things are. Our to-do list seems never-ending and with CC travelling so much soon, it feels a little overwhelming, but in the best possible way.

I was talking to someone I highly respect last week about the change to parenthood we've got coming up. He described this change as exciting, terrifying, emotional, and traumatic. I think he'll absolutely be correct, but the word traumatic has stuck in my brain since he said it. Change of any kind is pretty hard for me, so I imagine going from just us two to adding a third human will be pretty traumatic- the best possible kind of trauma, but still a bit crazy until we get used to the 'new normal.'

In the meantime, it finally started snowing while we were at the doctors' office, and we got to drive home in the pretty snow. It was surreal- we must've been driving at the same speed the snow was coming down, because we saw this illusion that made us think we weren't moving- on the highway. Freaky!

This is what we woke up to this morning.
Not much left!
Not much snow left at all and ice turned out to be a non-issue. I'm still praying for our blizzard/freak snowstorm that'll give us a couple of snow days at home, but it was lovely.

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