Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I've always been THAT kid in class who had a million questions for the teacher. Not my mother, but I, would warn the teacher at the beginning of each year that I would be THAT kid. That's how bad I was.

I'm still like that- full of questions, wanting to know the whys and the hows... I can only imagine that's what led me to being a Psych major in college. I love knowing the reasons behind everything (it's the main reason I hate magic- because no one will ever tell me HOW they do the tricks! Drives me crazy...).

I was walking Scoutaki Mushroom this afternoon and got to thinking about how often I have questions that go unanswered. Am I the only one like this? Do you get frustrated when a moment passes without the ability to get your questions answered, no matter how small and random they seem?

Some questions I've got on my mind...
  • (As I was walking Scout today) A lady drove by shielding her eyes from the sun blinding her. Why didn't she use her visor? Is it broken? Did she forget she has a visor for that exact purpose?
  • Open adoption vs semi-open adoption?
  • When will our placement happen? Will we know in advance or will it be sudden? Will it be within the revocation period or will our child be ours outright?
  • Why on earth did I wear flannel plaid today when it's so warm and gorgeous outside? Who knew it would be such a pretty day?
  • Does X person know their belt loop on their jeans has been broken and torn for about six months? It's driving me crazy!
  • Why do I have such dry hands that not even the prescription hand cream works?!
  • Starbucks Barista, do you know right away the answers to my survey giving me that coupon, or how long does it take you to get the results? Did I spell that barista's name right?
  • Why does this stupid CD/DVD burner only work most of the time and not all of the time? What is this stupid error message about capacity? Why isn't THAT error message in the four page list of possibilities in the manual?
  • When I ask you, Random Person, how you're doing, can you tell that I really want to know, and it's not just for manners' sake?
  • What does God want me to actually be learning during this time of my life when I can't plan or prepare for any of these big changes coming up?
  • Is anyone reading this bored by my list? Because I had other questions and of course can't remember them right now...
Maybe this is more my melancholy side coming out now that CC's gone for his work trip. He's traveling again these days and I am never thrilled. Fortunately he figured out how to gain back a day and keep these little trips shorter than they were.

And in the meantime, I have good ol' Colin to keep me company...

Hands down, the best version ever


LauraC said...

Okay on a couple of these:

"Why do I have such dry hands that not even the prescription hand cream works?!"

When I worked at Trader Joe's (long story), my hands would get so dry from handling all the cardboard boxes all day. One person showed me this tip. You take plastic gloves, the disposable kind. Slather your hands with Udder Cream, put on gloves, and go about your day. It was life changing!!

Udder Cream is used on cow teats to keep them soft for milking, seriously. Get the one in the big tub.

"What does God want me to actually be learning during this time of my life when I can't plan or prepare for any of these big changes coming up?"

So.... being on the other side of parenthood, you are being taught that being a parent means you can't plan or prepare for most big things that are coming your way being a parent. Whatever you think will happen.... you will not be prepared. You will learn how to get through and learn how to use your community. You will learn that you are not in control.

All deep things that you learn as a parent, when you are responsible for another human you have no control over! It's hard for Type A people to adjust to parenthood, because the baby is in charge. Plans have to change when your kid suddenly bites through his tongue, or gets a fever in the middle of the day.

And there's no way to prepare for the day your boys first start talking about erections. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Anonymous said...

Why do you have all these questions? There is a very simple answer to that question--you are a writer. I know you try to channel your creative energies in other ways (Scrap booking, quilt making, cooking) but eventually you will understand--you are writer. Every great story started with a question that someone, somewhere, asked.