Thursday, February 27, 2014

Follow-Up On The Toe Situation

Yesterday CC had his follow-up for his toe.

They took x-rays like they've done every time... and we waited for the doctor. He wasn't long in coming, but he was a different guy from the first time since the first doctor left the practice.

This new doctor was nice enough, said he'd looked at the x-rays, and then proceeded to ask which toe was broken. (WHAT?!) We should've known at that point...

The doctor then started mashing probing all over CC's foot and especially his toes. "Does this hurt?" he'd ask. (CC tensing but maintaining his man card) "Yes." "How about this? Does this hurt?" said dooflip doctor, as he's mashing down hard on the exact spot of the break. "YES."

Dooflip doctor starts talking about the fracture at the TIP of his toe (WHAT?!) and how his toes are arthritic (WHAT?!) and he'll prescribe an anti-inflammatory, which will hopefully lessen his pain. He also said it was "weird" that CC's having more pain, not less, this week and CC should walk less and elevate it more. (WHAT?!) He leaves and we're confused. Sigh.

Then he proceeds to come back a few minutes later before we check out to apologize because he realized he told us the break was in the tip of CC's toe. "That one's there (WHAT?!), but you also have a break at the base of the toe."

Um, yeah, thanks, we already knew that SINCE THAT'S WHERE IT HURTS WHEN YOU PUSH ON IT AND OH YEAH, HE CAN'T WALK.

Also the little matter of your directions to walk less. Hard to do when you're not walking at all already. Sigh.

Oh and how about the fact that apparently he didn't even look at the chart first to know what the situation was!!!! Grr...

Hubby called the office today to complain (kindly) and ask for a different doctor. We got a different doctor but the office manager didn't seem to understand our issues. A very frustrating week on the toe front.

Here's hoping next week's follow-up to the follow-up yields better info. as we're feeling pretty frustrated at this point.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

One Of Those Days...

Today's been one of those days... It started out great, just like every other day, then wham! Blindsided by one conversation and it just isn't recoverable to make the day better.

I'm over it and all, but it's been one of those days...

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


February may be the shortest month of the year, but for 2014, it has been LONG.

CC and I are grateful often about how blessed we are. We do not take it for granted and we love to bless others when we're able, however we're able. But when a rough patch hits, boy does it tend to linger.

Here's what our February has been like...

CC came home from a work trip.

We got snow which messes up EVERYTHING here in the South.
(But is awesome and totally worth it all.)

CC left and went on another work trip less than two weeks after the first trip.

The SAME NIGHT he came home from work trip,
On his right (DRIVING) foot. Apparently the fourth toe is the important toe- where you bear all your weight when walking. So he can't walk, he can't drive, he can't do much at all, poor guy. And he doesn't even have a good story for it! (He tripped on a chair.)

We had staycation because we had to cancel our learn-to-ski-have-fun-before-we're-parents trip.
(We did see the Lego movie, which I highly recommend.)

Following staycation, I had my own personal staycation which was supposed to be a restful, relaxing vacation at home without cares or responsibilities. Except it SNOWED again, so it was not restful or relaxing...

... Until Thursday, when CC and I both woke up sick with the nastiest colds we've had in ages.
And then we've been sick ever since last Thursday.

His next work trip still hovers above my head and I'm not happy about it because oh yeah, Ukraine's kind of trying to prevent themselves from having a civil war. But sure, let's send my Hubby there for work. BOO! (Personally I'm hoping the trip will eventually just get canned, but we'll see.)

So yes, I am thankful for February to end and March to bring much happiness. Or at least health. I have been using this past month as an excuse to not do much of anything and this Friday I am joining #alittletoofluffy in hopes of giving myself a swift kick in the pants.

We are signed up for a local 5k at the end of March with the proceeds benefitting our adoption agency. Hubby of course won't be able to do it, but I am hoping to run it. If anyone local would like to sign up to do it with me and have the profits go to our agency, please let me know! I'd love to get you the info.

For those of you wanting the adoption update, we are just waiting for THE call. We're still fundraising through our puzzle fundraiser (see adoption fundraising tab at the top of the blog), but that's about it. I guess when we're waiting, there's not much of an update.

Below are a 'few' photos from our February. Enjoy, or groan with us, or whatever. Haha!

The culprit

The best happy mail I've gotten in a while. I might frame this I love it so much.
The Crip' as I call him
Scoring good deals on baby stuff!
No filter
My friend Jody did teach me how to can on vacation. I'm obsessed!

Because, I mean, the CUTE.
Happy snow for dayzzzz
Nothing says I love you like a PDA donut.
Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose!
I can't hear you!!!