Saturday, March 29, 2014

Change Is Happening, People.

I typically despise any type of change. I have a really hard time with change in general, even the good kind. I find it all incredibly stressful, even if I somehow end up really excited by whatever's coming next.

The past few months (since last summer, really) have been nothing but huge, major decisions full of the promise of giant changes for my life.

At the beginning of February, I officially quit my job effective May 1st, if we didn't get THE CALL before then. So far we've not yet heard any news for the adoption, which means so far my May 1st end date is the real deal.

It's been an exciting time full of preparing as much as possible (which is almost nil), figuring out next steps and what it'll look like once I'm home full-time, adjusting our finances to save as much as we can, and praying for God to make everything that is currently fuzzy clear to us.

(Giving the end date sped up the process to find my replacement. She's a wonderful girl and will do well. My strengths are her weaknesses and her strengths are very much where I am weak, so it'll be interesting to see someone so wonderfully different take this job to the next level. I'm glad I'm not truly going anywhere so I can see it. She began training with me last week and has already been picking things up rather quickly. It won't take her long at all, I think!)

Getting back to the change and this weird time in my life, though; I've got to say that we're taking it day by day. Some days it all makes me want to throw up from the stress (even the happy kind) and other times I'm skipping around excited about what's to come. Like I said, it's a strange limbo kind of chapter in my life right now.

I read this about change in my devotion the other day and it kind of walloped me between the eyes:

"Some people do well with change and some don't. What is the difference between those who can handle change and those who can't? It comes down to what we value. Some of us value our own ambition and self-preservation more than Jesus' mission. If personal comfort is our goal in life, we will fight against change. However, if Jesus is our ultimate treasure, change becomes an exciting opportunity." -YouVersion Acts devotion, day 6

Lord, let this be an exciting opportunity for Your glory and not for self-preservation! And as CC keeps saying: the longer it takes for us to get a placement, the sooner it'll happen!

Exciting times are ahead, my friends!

It's 5k Season!

I know, I know. I've got about four or more posts rattling around in my head that I'm SUPER behind on. For now though you'll have to deal with this one post. It's been a crazy season and I'm still playing catch up.

It's the end of March and that means the beginning of my official 5k season for the year! I always have such grand plans to do at least one official 5k each month, just to stay with the running and keep myself accountable. That really is almost never how my life actually goes, but this morning I did my first 5k in a really long time! (Wow! Apparently my last run was six months ago. That is so sad!)

I of course had big plans to train every day, or more realistically in a pinch, every other day so I would feel completely in my element doing this 5k. This one today was really important to us and I wanted to do it well. It was important because we were running for our adoption agency. Well, CC is still relearning how to walk and stand and drive, so of course he couldn't do the 5k today, though he still came out to support me which was wonderful as always.

(Sidebar: It is sooooo amazing to have my husband and bff cheer me on in being healthy and supporting my goals to spend his hard-earned money on races!)

My training didn't go so well, mainly for all the other blog post reasons I haven't written yet, but I was at least hopeful to run a lot this past week in anticipation of the 5k. That didn't really  happen either so I was pretty anxious going into today's run. Hubby as ever, saved the day by reminding me last night that this 'was just another workout' which I could easily handle. I get all wrapped up in the official time record and the masses of people and he boils it down each time for me to it being just another workout. Such a helper that one!

Today has been super rainy and therefore wet. It's not as warm as it was supposed to be, but still a bit mild. We kept praying that the rain would let up and not be monsoony during the actual run, AND IT WASN'T! How cool is that?!

I never once saw anyone hurt or ill on the side of the course which was a first for me. Made it kind of nice to have so many volunteers and 'cheerers' on the course!

I had two goals for today's race based on my previous not too great lack of training: one, to finish (obvious!), and two, to try to beat 45 minutes. I always try to beat 45 minutes, but I'm short and slow when running, so it's a pretty lofty goal for me actually.

I finished AND crossed the finish line at 41:30! Woohoo!

I had a friend running in the same race for her first 5k and she finished about five minutes ahead of me. It was fantastic to be a part of her first 5k experience! Today was such a great reminder of why I love running so much- I hate the build-up to it, but I find running so addictive!

I can't wait to find my next race to sign up for and I REALLY want to do a 10k and a half marathon in the next year. Wouldn't that be something for this reformed couch potato?!

Below are the photos my friend took of today's run. I'm so thankful he got these for me- I love having each accomplishment documented!

The before (my new favorite photo):

More of the before, waiting for the start!

This is the after, trying to stop my iPhone apps now that I was FINISHED!

We did it!
Can you see how red my face was? It happens. The completed goal is so worth it!

Monday, March 03, 2014

March In The South

Yesterday was seventy degrees. Today I got to leave work early due to snow and sleet. Life in the South.

Hubby's working at the dining room table, Scouty and I are snuggled up on the couch, dinner's in the crockpot, and the house is picked up. It's been a really great day, despite the dreary weather outside. I do think that for the first time ever, I'm ready for flip-flops.

Don't get me wrong- I LOVE snow. I'm totally stoked to be home due to wintry weather.

BUT... I'm tired of washing socks and ready for nail polish and pedicures!

Saturday, March 01, 2014

A Little Venting For A Saturday

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE email.

It's always been my most preferred method of typical contact since I've first had email. Everything ends up written down so I can't forget anything, it's quick and easy, you can save special emails forever, the reasons are endless!

But NEVER, EVER is it okay with me for major news to be delivered through email. Big news should ALWAYS be delivered in person, if possible, or at the least, over the phone. And NEVER on social media first before your news has made it through the family grapevine.

For those of you wondering, this only hurts those wanting to share in your celebrating and happy news. Or sometimes, to grieve with you and support you during sad or hard news. Emailing your news steals that from the people you supposedly love and care about, since you took the time to email them in the first place.

Just pick up the phone next time, okay?!