Saturday, March 01, 2014

A Little Venting For A Saturday

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE email.

It's always been my most preferred method of typical contact since I've first had email. Everything ends up written down so I can't forget anything, it's quick and easy, you can save special emails forever, the reasons are endless!

But NEVER, EVER is it okay with me for major news to be delivered through email. Big news should ALWAYS be delivered in person, if possible, or at the least, over the phone. And NEVER on social media first before your news has made it through the family grapevine.

For those of you wondering, this only hurts those wanting to share in your celebrating and happy news. Or sometimes, to grieve with you and support you during sad or hard news. Emailing your news steals that from the people you supposedly love and care about, since you took the time to email them in the first place.

Just pick up the phone next time, okay?!

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