Saturday, April 12, 2014

Running Is Dangerous, People.

(Sooo I gotta be honest and say I started this post three weeks ago. And just now finished it. Oops! We've had tons happening and I'll try to be better about posting. In the meantime, enjoy my clumsiness.)

While I've been transitioning away from working outside the home, I've found a lot more free time lately. Since I'm trying to take advantage of it now before our child arrives, I thought now's the perfect time to really focus on my health and fitness. To that end, I want to start training for a 10k race!

I found a great app an IG friend suggested (10k for pink), and hit the road last Tuesday. I had a fantastic run- the weather was sunny and gorgeous, it was during a weekly work meeting time and I felt like I was winning, tunes were jamming, and I was almost at the end of the workout!

And then... I sped up to pass a car that was trying to turn and I tripped going up the curb to the sidewalk and I fell hard.

I somehow fell on my right knee and my two palms but I also hit my head on the concrete. Praise the Lord; I wasn't scared but more had an out-of-body experience where I thought to myself, "Okay, I'm falling and we'll just sit tight until we assess the damage." Super calm, which was helpful as the poor lady in the car happened to see me fall in her rear-view mirror so she came running to check on me (super sweet lady!).

By the time Barbara (the lady) got to me I was calling CC who thankfully was working from home that day (God is just so cool!). After I fell she and her coworker patched me up with about 18,000 band-aids until CC came for me.

No concussion (thanks, Lord!) and I hurt but I felt like I looked worse than it was. Mostly scrapes.  

And then...

...then, I couldn't twist the top off the toothpaste tube. Or comb my hair. Or do anything requiring the use of my left hand. Which scared me. (I'm somewhat ambidextrous. I write with my right hand but I use my left hand for most other things.)

I went to the doctor and found out I'm the newest victim making his house payment (aka he can't do much until he knows if it's broken or not). Apparently wrist breaks are extremely difficult to diagnose so he doesn't know yet if it's broken or not. It might just be a super bad sprain.

Having never had a break or a sprain, I can't tell the difference. But since they're treated similarly (with a splint), it doesn't matter all that much.

Poor CC's been doing lots for me. Such a difference from the past three months when I was caring for him! I go back tomorrow for a follow-up and I'm not sure what I'm hoping to hear. I've been told several times that I actually want it to be broken because it'll heal faster. I guess I'm just praying for complete healing no matter which way it goes.

I have been walking a lot since the fall but I have yet to run (I had to wait for my knee to heal). I'm excited and a little scared to run again, but I figure one fall in about four or five years is a pretty good track record (no pun intended, haha!). We'll see how it goes. I really want to do a 10k next, which means I need to get back out there!

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