Thursday, May 29, 2014

Good Stress Is Still Stress

Life's been extra chaotic and busy lately. Here's the recap:

1. I'm now unemployed and learning to transition to being a SAH wifey (& future mama). This has been surreal. I still feel like I'm on vacation and will be going back to work at some point. It's really strange to me to sit in church and not know what's coming up next (or jump in to help!).

2. We're going back into debt. Willingly. We found the most amazing house in the most incredible neighborhood that I never in a million years thought we could have. God is soooo good to us. We have so much going on that I've been freaking out a little bit (Change is REALLY hard for me.) but CC keeps talking me off the ledge (hahaha!). Closing is tomorrow and after our final walk-through tonight, we are both incredibly excited!

3. We're still waiting for our adoption placement to happen. There's no update until we have NEWS (sweet people keep asking about this).

4. CC being his amazing self, recently got promoted at work and is back to management. He's incredible.

5. CC's dad had hip replacement surgery and is on the mend. CC's toe is basically back to normal though he's not able to run yet, my wrist isn't broken but is so badly sprained it's not completely healed yet (two months later). CC and I have also spent the last six weeks on and off being sick. Scout's groomer accidentally nicked her ear pretty well, which didn't faze Scout at all but totally freaked out all the humans. Her poor groomer was a basketcase, even though it was technically Scout's fault.

6. Our 12th anniversary was this past week. We're still incredibly happily married. Again, God is good.

I'm tellin' ya, Crazytown over here. But it's alllll good.

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