Saturday, May 31, 2014

Homeowners Again!

Yesterday we closed on our new house! It made for a super exciting, full-speed kind of day.

We had ChickfilA for breakfast to celebrate and then headed to Closing. The appointment before us was running wayyyy behind so we waited a while before it was our turn. We finally went back to sign everything and it all took EIGHT minutes. Eight! Our hands weren't even tired of signing yet! We had to wait longer after for it to be recorded and to collect a check (yay!), but overall this process was SOOOO much smoother than when we bought our first house eight years ago.

We then picked up Scout and gave her a tour of the place. She LOVED it! She ran all over the house, smelling and sniffing, and watching us, checking out every inch. At one point she even went upstairs by herself! To help her, I threw a treat into each room to give her a positive vibe- she was so wound up with excitement that it took her a long time to realize treats were in the house (after seeing me put them out for her!). She was especially thrilled with the screened porch since she could look out and see everything. We were ridiculously proud of her when she met the two little girls that live next door and she didn't bark AT ALL. Yay! We will be taking her to the house as much as possible this week before the big move, which will help her better acclimate when the time comes to actually live there.

After we took Scouty home, we grabbed lunch at Macaroni Grill (which we never go to but was actually fantastic!), and then ran errands for the house. We went to the Habitat ReStore, but didn't find much. We went to GardenRidge and found saddle stools for the kitchen island which look great there, and we spent for. ever at Lowes, buying every vent cover and switch/outlet plate in stock (30 year old house, people).

We quickly ran home and dumped it all, then met our sweet friends (Lyn & Catherine) for dinner at a great Mexican place and then gave them the grand tour of the house. It was a long, but really amazing day we capped off with Starbucks on the way home.

Once back at the apartment, it's amazing the differences you notice! The fridge and the HVAC are ridiculously loud in the apartment. And the neighborhood in general isn't nearly as quiet and peaceful as the new neighborhood, which is just incredible.

Today we will be focusing on packing, finishing a few things for the house, and seeing family for dinner. It's a full, fun weekend!

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