Thursday, May 01, 2014

Yet Another Big Change

We bought a house!

Or rather, we're under contract on a house! We close in four weeks and we are ecstatic!

We weren't sure God was okay with us buying vs. staying and renewing our apartment lease, but we kept walking through open doors and we're on track to own a fantastic house!

God totally gave us this house too. It's a total sellers' market here now which means everything's selling day one for more than asking. Our house had two offers earlier and one family didn't want to be part of a bidding war and backed out. The other family wouldn't come up in price and they lost out. Three(!) weeks later, our offer was accepted! Woohoo!

The only part of the process we were nervous about was the home inspection, since we ran into major mold issues during the inspection years ago on our first house. This new house passed with flying colors- yay! A few minor requests for the seller to fix but nothing that's a deal breaker!

This house is incredible, especially in person. The photos are great but even they can't do it justice. It's completely move-in ready, although I need a Pintervention based on all I want to do (& am pinning!) to make it ours.

The house is in a neighborhood I never in a million years thought we could afford to live in. We can! We're literally moving maybe four minutes away (driving) from where we are now. That's great because we aren't having to learn a whole new area of town.

I never in another million years thought I'd live in such a big house, and yet, we will be! The house is over 2100 square feet!

The stats: 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a HUGE living room and dining room, a kitchen with an island and a bay window (& window seat!), a BONUS room with walk-in attic storage, AND a screened-in porch! Yayyyy!!!

Oh and the neighborhood has a pool and tennis courts, and a playground! More cheering!

Here are the official photos from the listing:

The front porch:

The entryway:

The ginormous living room:

My beautiful kitchen!

The dining room (big enough for our table to fit when opened to seat 12 people!):

The master bedroom (that's a king bed!):

The master bathroom:

Bedroom 2, which will be Baby's Room):

Bedroom 3, aka Guest room:

The guest bathroom:

The bonus room:

My little laundry area:

The screened-in porch!!

The back yard:

The view of the back of the house:

It's gorgeous right?! The sellers painted everything neutral which is great, but it's all a little too brown for me. I'm hoping to paint a little bit just so it'll feel more cheery and 'us' but overall we don't have to do a thing!

We're especially excited for Scout to have her own fenced yard. She won't know what to do with herself!

We are planning to be able to grow into this house and really have it be the home our kids grow up in, or at least be in for a good long time. I'm really looking forward to not needing to move for at least the next decade- I'm ready for a permanent home.

A friend mentioned today how crazy it is that we've bought this house while I've quit my job and we're trying to adopt. I guess by the world's standards we are pretty nutso. What I think is so cool though is that we wouldn't be buying this house or adopting or happily losing an income if we hadn't started being financial obedient to God by tithing, getting out of debt, and learning to manage wisely the money He's given us. What a huge blessing! The thing that makes me MOST excited about what's to come is that we'll be able to use this house to bless others and show people Jesus- our ultimate goal. How cool is that?!


LauraC said...

LOVE the house!! That little window seat is going to be perfect for a kid to climb up and look out! Congrats!

Meredith said...

Squeeee!!!! The house is adorable, and I can totally picture you guys there! And even a fence for Scoutie girl?! Perfection! God could not be more awesome!