Monday, June 16, 2014

We're In!

We moved into our new house last weekend and it's been a nutso past week. Hubby usually takes vacation to help unpack and settle in (& do projects), but he didn't this time since he's trying to save all his days off for our kidlet TBD. It figures for the poor guy that almost everything left to be done requires his brawn and brains.

We had ELEVEN people help us move in- it was awesome! We had two other friends provide drinks and pizza for everyone since they couldn't be there themselves. My super sweet ex-boss/friend and his son stayed all afternoon to help get beds set up and projects done. We were so grateful! It was a long, exhausting day but a good day.

The week before we actually moved in was spent spiffying up the laundry area. I wanted to do this now before I'm running constant loads of poop and spit-up in a sleep-deprived state; at least doing the laundry will be slightly less terrible with a cute area! For our first house project, it came out pretty well! I have some paint touch-ups to do and baskets to buy, but then I'll share the big reveal! Here are a couple sneak peeks though!

In the same week I also painted the inside of our pantry- while the laundry area is turquoise, he pantry is more of a minty green. I love it!

...more to come...