Tuesday, July 29, 2014

We Ran Away

Today we ran away to the beach for the afternoon and it was glorious. We didn't really talk about the house or our future kid or any planning or financial things or work or anything. The weather was perfect and sunny, the traffic was light, and the waves were big.

Just what we needed!
Our beach view

Our lunch view at a dockside restaurant

Monday, July 28, 2014

Settling In, Continued

I've got so many photos I thought I'd split them up into more than just the one post.

We love this silly girl!
Scout tried to paint the carpet with chalkboard paint. BLACK paint. Praise the Lord for Tide!
Hit up our favorite restaurant for ribs after IKEA
Hobby Lobby is my fave which makes it fortunate that it's so far away.
My first chalkboard wall!
Be still my heart
More canning... all day e'ery day

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Settling In

We've spent the past couple months settling in to our new home. We've still got some nesting type things to do but overall we're beginning to feel at home here. 

I still feel like we're staying temporarily in someone's rental home but we'll get there. Cleaning the entire house from top to bottom helped a lot! It took almost six hours which included baseboards, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, some windows, almost everything! 

Hubby's been SUPER busy at work, even traveling last week for a few days. I was so thrilled to have him home! I'm starting to realize I won't be going back to outside-the-house-with-income-work anytime soon which has probably been my biggest most surreal adjustment. 

Our social worker redid our home safety inspection which went well. She seemed to really like our house and we had a great time connecting with someone a part of our adoption process. 

Below are some random photos from the past several weeks...

I found a nest in one of our ferns in the front yard!
Our view when we come home. EVERY time.

'Tis the season for freshly picked blueberries and PIE!

I heart blueberry pie.

Our newest favorite happy place

Lots and lots of house projects... for Hubby

Always coffee. Always.

Sunshine and happiness

A 5k here and there...

And good friends! be continued...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Chalkboard Wall Art

See what I did there?
I gotta say, I'm really enjoying my chalkboard wall. It makes a mess I have to clean after (being my clean-freak self), but I am loving the artistic side of myself having a voice again.

When I see my friends' chalk art on social media, I really have loved seeing them using it as a family reminder of what God's teaching or showing or promising. I want to try to use our chalk wall in the same positive way.

So the first time I used a Scripture passage that God's really been trying to hammer into me lately- waiting in expectation, which is where I feel like I am in life right now. This second time I used a song lyric that I NEED to have hammered home more. To let go of everything BUT GOD. Nothing else matters, except Him. I'm still working on that one.

We'll see what ends up on the board next, but I'm just as curious as you are what it'll be!

PS- My brother wrote at the tippy top that he and my SIL are praying for us. I may never erase it.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Laundry "Room"

As promised, below are the final photos of the laundry space in our hallway upstairs. I call it the laundry "room" but really it's just a part of the hallway.

Just to give you another visual, here's the pin on Pinterest I was going off of as inspiration.
The view from the other side of the hallway in the guest bedroom
The close-up view
The shelves were already in place, though I did repaint them and spruce them up. I also spray-painted the brackets holding the shelves a nickel color to give them that silvery finish. I did the same thing with the transition piece between the flooring and the hallway carpet. I painted the two wall colors (the Truly Turquoise color and the fresher white color below).

My awesome and super handy hubby added the chair rail, helped me lay the peel & stick "hardwood" tiles on the floor (We're in love! They're gorgeous! I wish you could actually see them!), and helped me with the tension rod for the coat hangers.
The bottom half of the space
Another view of the top half
The baskets came from IKEA and I will probably buy a couple more the next time we go to fill out more of the space. They do help with storage too! We keep light bulbs in one of them. Since the shelves were tricky to get back in, we do have some paint touch-ups to do, but I've done laundry several times here now and I can't ever tell.

One day when I'm dealing with spit-up and poopy clothes, at least the space I need to do the dreaded laundry chore won't be so dreary and depressing. Now it's super cute and I love to show it off!

Monday, July 21, 2014

God Always Loves.

We're overwhelmed. I teared up in public at church and I'm not embarrassed by it.

I've been really struggling with movement on our adoption funding, or rather the lack thereof. I know God will provide but there's been a lull. He's been teaching me over and over lately that just because I can't see what He's doing doesn't mean He's not working. Easy to read, hard to grasp.

Then a week or so ago we walked in to church and an anonymous financial gift had been given to our fund. A big gift. Huge. Not that the amount really mattered compared to what God was tangibly showing me. But we're so grateful!

Whomever you are, we pray blessings upon you!
Then a week later we are in church and not one, but TWO, financial gifts are handed to me. I teared up again.

And I'm reminded that friends I've never even met are donating profits from their etsy stores to our adoption fund. Little human me has blinders on and satan's trying to distract me from all God's doing.

Please let this be a reminder for you as well: Just because you can't SEE it, doesn't mean God's not working and moving and nudging in others' lives to then impact your life.

 I'm still working to grasp this but praise the Lord, He's not near done with me yet.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Happy July 4th!

Happy Independence Day, America!

When I was in elementary school I did a report on Francis Scott Key and how he came to write the "Star-Spangled Banner." I still love that story- you should look it up some time.

Anyway, we heard that our neighborhood was having a parade on the 4th. So cute. I don't really understand why, but they do. I really wanted to go but we were FRIED from all the house stuff we've been doing. Still in my jammies that morning, I happened to look out the window and our neighbors were all outside talking.

It turns out the parade passes right IN FRONT of our house! So I got to watch from the window while I sipped my coffee. It was adorable! We even had a fire truck lead the parade!

I managed to snap a couple photos through our front window. Sometimes it's good to be the only house up on the hill.
Neighbors camping out while they wait
Cutest parade ever!