Monday, July 21, 2014

God Always Loves.

We're overwhelmed. I teared up in public at church and I'm not embarrassed by it.

I've been really struggling with movement on our adoption funding, or rather the lack thereof. I know God will provide but there's been a lull. He's been teaching me over and over lately that just because I can't see what He's doing doesn't mean He's not working. Easy to read, hard to grasp.

Then a week or so ago we walked in to church and an anonymous financial gift had been given to our fund. A big gift. Huge. Not that the amount really mattered compared to what God was tangibly showing me. But we're so grateful!

Whomever you are, we pray blessings upon you!
Then a week later we are in church and not one, but TWO, financial gifts are handed to me. I teared up again.

And I'm reminded that friends I've never even met are donating profits from their etsy stores to our adoption fund. Little human me has blinders on and satan's trying to distract me from all God's doing.

Please let this be a reminder for you as well: Just because you can't SEE it, doesn't mean God's not working and moving and nudging in others' lives to then impact your life.

 I'm still working to grasp this but praise the Lord, He's not near done with me yet.

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